Samsung and its 5G – New Details and Acquisitions

Samsung and its 5G – New Details and Acquisitions

We have got some news regarding the work of Samsung company to introduce the 5G network. What we know is that it will up its 5G ante with the acquisition of a network analytics firm. The company we are talking about is, and it is called Chilabs. Zhilabs would enhance the 5G network quality and capabilities. Samsung is keen on introducing the 5G network, and it does everything it can to be as innovative as possible.

Zhilabs is an acquired company based in Barcelona. It is a network analysis firm that, in order to monitor the telecommunications carries and their services’ performance, uses artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, we do not know how much Samsung has paid for this acquisition.

This strategy of the acquisition will help Samsung enhance the 5G’s network quality and capabilities as Zhilabs is based on artificial intelligence analysis which monitors best how SMS messaging and data connectivity performs. That happens at an individual subscriber level. The company, Zhilabs, was formed in 2008 and it also offers automated troubleshooting. As Samsung moves to 5G, the company said it would collaborate with Zhilabs so new technology will be created.

Samsung 5G Network

We can see from everything Samsung does that it is committed to offering the world the next generation of super-fast mobile data. The 5G network is expected to increase network speeds, the responsiveness of wireless network, and coverage with carriers Verizon and At&T which have already launched early 5G coverage. This new network is said to be available from next year.

Samsung has been focusing on artificial intelligence for a while, and it is investing a lot of money on it. The approximate amount of money that will be used by the company in the next three years, only for this purpose, rises to more than $22 billion. In this sum are also included biopharmaceuticals, 5G networks, and electronic automotive parts which will feature its Exynos 9 chip that will make devices support 5G.

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