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Samsung Adding Color to the Earbuds Too to Go with the Galaxy Note 10 Shade

If you are going to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which gets launched August 7, you have a new color option for the wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds. Samsung has officially shared images of the new Aura colored buds which will match the gradient color of the Note 10 phones.

Earbuds out but Cannot Be Purchased

Samsung has not made any fanfare on releasing these new Aura Glow Samsung Galaxy Buds. The company has chosen to add the product on its websites that cater to customers in specific regions. You cannot, however, order them if you so desire. Possibly, the sale of these earbuds may be started once the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models are out in the market. There appear to be no other changes apart from the color as far as the Samsung Galaxy Buds are concerned. The earbuds assume significance in light of the fact that the conventional 3.5 mm jack won’t be part of the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The company’s website indicates that the Aura Glow Samsung Galaxy Buds could be priced at around $185. There is no change in the price either. A wireless charging case is included as it is in the regular model of buds you order. These new buds may not be available yet in every geography.

A USB-Type Wired Earphone Also Being Planned

The preference for wireless earbuds among smartphone users has been mixed. There is still a large number of users who don’t feel comfortable using wireless earbuds. They would want to stick to the wired ones, for whatever reasons. Samsung will not disappoint them and is on course to launch a wired earphone developed by AKG, a Samsung subsidiary. These will be the first of its kind USD-C type wired earbuds to be sold by the South Korean company.

Besides this development, there is no other fresh development related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models. The two main models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ along with a 5G enabled model of each of these are waiting to be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York on August 7.

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