Samsung Accidentally Confirms the ‘Hubble’ and ‘Bloom’ Codenames for the Galaxy S20 and Fold 2

Samsung galaxy s20 lancering

There were rumors that the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 are known as ‘Hubble’ and ‘Bloom’ internally within Samsung. This rumor was recently confirmed by Samsung on its website. The leak came through a registration page for the Unpacked event that’ll take place on the 11th of next month where Samsung is expected to reveal the Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy Fold 2 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and Fold 2 Codenames Confirmed through Webpage URLs

The German version of the Samsung website’s registration page for the Unpacked event revealed the internal names of the Galaxy S20 and Fold 2 through the URL of the website.

Galaxy fold 2

The URL clearly refers to the event as Hubble-Bloom, which are the codenames for the S20 and Fold 2 devices that we know from previous leaks. This leak also hints that the Unpacked event will be the event where Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S20 (Hubble) and the Galaxy Fold 2 (Bloom) smartphones.

What do the Hubble and Bloom Codenames Mean?

The ‘Hubble’ codename for the Galaxy S20 signifies the imaging prowess of the upcoming device. It is rumored to come with Samsung’s very own 108MP ISOCELL sensor along with a 5x optical zoom using a telescope lens according to previous leaks.

The ‘Bloom’ codename for the Galaxy Fold 2 is reportedly due to the fact that it is a foldable smartphone with which Samsung is aiming to increase its market share, thus ‘blooming’.

Samsung Hints at the Features of the Galaxy S20

On the same page where Samsung accidentally revealed the codenames of their upcoming smartphones, they also had a survey asking people which features they want from the upcoming Samsung devices.

Samsung has had similar surveys before their previous smartphone launches and more often than not, they hint at the actual features in the upcoming smartphones. This year, the features that are mentioned in this list are Entertainment, High-End Technology, Productivity, Camera, and Design.

Samsung is also rumored to use high capacity batteries in the Samsung S20. However, they haven’t mentioned battery life in the survey. It is possible that the rumored 120Hz display on the Galaxy S20 will be battery hungry, which will use the extra battery capacity.

Samsung S20 and Galaxy Fold Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Fold are rumored to be unveiled at Samsung’s yearly Galaxy Unpacked event. This year, the event is going to be held on the 11th of February in San Francisco. The invitation letter mentioned that the South Korean tech giant will unveil new and innovative devices that will possibly shape the coming decade of mobile devices.

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