How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 10

Safe Mode has been used for decades to load a broken Windows operating system in order to recover the data or eventually fix the problem that’s not allowing it to load “normally.”

In the past the F8 button was used to boot in safe mode, but it was modified once the Windows 8 was released, which has introduced the UEFI BIOS and SSDs. Today we will talk about multiple ways to enter in Safe Mode on Windows 10 OS.

Booting From Windows Recovery Drive

  • Create a recovery drive on USB by using the “Recovery Drive” application;
  • Restart the computer and boot to the recovery drive;
  • Once it boots, it will ask you to select your keyboard layout based on the preferred language;
  • Choose Troubleshoot->Advanced options->Startup Settings->Restart;
  • When the computer restarts again, you will be asked to choose from several boot options (select 4 to boot in Safe Mode, 5 to boot in Safe Mode with Networking or 6 to boot in Safe Mode With Command Prompt).

Using Settings Option

  • From the desktop you will firstly need to click on the Start button and select Settings;
  • Choose Update & Security -> Recovery;
  • Under Advanced Startup select “Restart Now”;
  • Once the computer restarts, you will be prompted with a list of options;
  • Choose option 4 to boot in Safe Mode (if you also need an internet connection in Safe Mode you will have to select the option 5 that’s “Safe Mode With Networking”).

System Configuration

  • From desktop click on the Start button and select the search icon;
  • Type “msconfig” and press Enter to launch the System Configuration tool;
  • Go to the Boot tab and under the Boot option check the box that’s next to “safe Boot” and select Minimal option;
  • Click “ok” and you will be asked to choose “Restart” or “Exit Without Restart” (obviously, to enter in Safe Mode you will need to click “Restart”)

Logon Screen

  • When the logon screen appears, hold the Shift key down button and click on the onscreen power button -> Restart;
  • Once the computer restarts you will need to select Troubleshoot->Advanced Options->Startup Settings->Restart;
  • The computer will restart once again, but this time it will display the 4 and 5 options that allow you to boot to Safe Mode or Safe Mode With Networking.

Booting In Safe Mode Using Automatic Repair Mode

  • After failing for three consecutive times to boot normally on Windows 10, the operating system will try to boot to Automatic Repair Mode on the fourth attempt;
  • Once Windows diagnoses your computer, you will get to the “Automatic Repair” screen where you will need to click on Advanced Options->Troubleshoot->Advanced Options->Startup Settings->Restart;
  • After the computer restarts, you will be able to select the option 4 to boot into Safe Mode or 5 to boot into Safe Mode With Networking.

Booting In Safe Mode Using Windows 10 installation media (DVD or USB)

  • Boot the computer to the installation of your choice and once the Windows Setup screen appears click “Next”;
  • Select Repair Your Computer to access the options screen;
  • Choose Troubleshoot->Advanced options->Command Prompt;
  • Write the command “bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal” and press “ENTER” to execute it;
  • When the operation is complete, close the command prompt and select “Continue” to exit and boot into “Safe Mode”.


As you can see, there are many options that you can use to boot your Windows 10 OS in Safe Mode. So, if you ever experience issues while trying to normally boot Windows 10 on your computer, just try to boot it in Safe Mode and see what the problem is.

HINT: Usually this happens after you install a new driver or application.

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