Rumors Say That the New iPhone might be an Updated Bersion of the X

Apple fans are very excited about the approaching release of the new iPhone. According to recent rumors, the 2018 model might be one of those top-notch devices from the line. Hearing this, potential customers are even more anxious to get their hands on the phone.

So far, there are a lot of question marks around Apple’s latest creation, but thanks to some leaks we managed to find out a few details. Of course, we are willing to share the information hoping that this will help you form an opinion.

The phone’s name is not clear yet

Considering its previous phones, Apple seemed to have set up a trend of naming their phones. However, the X version broke the known pattern and now specialists don’t know what to think. They are not sure if the device will be called iPhone 9, 8S or XI, but anything is possible. If you want to use the traditional Apple terms, you can consider that the new phone is an Xs and might bring an Xs Plus, even if the names will be different.

The design is another important aspect

If the name remains a mystery, leaks were able to tell us more about the new iPhone’s design. Apparently, the device will mostly look like iPhone X, but it will also have its distinctive characteristics. A good example would be a slimmer bezel.

If there would be a cheaper version, its size will be in between the two other devices from the line, but it won’t have key features like an OLED screen.

Another interesting fact connected to design is that the new devices might come in a variety of colors. Customers could even have the possibility to choose their favorite version in blue or orange.

How about features? What makes it so special?

Unfortunately, leaks could not reveal a lot of information about the new iPhone’s features. Considering previous releases, we could conclude that the handset will feature notable improvements rather than innovations. In this case, we expect to see a faster processor and improved camera possibilities.
If we were to trust recent rumors, we would say that Apple is about to introduce an iPhone with two SIM cards. This would allow customers to use two networks and/ or different numbers at the same time.

When is the estimated release date?

This year, September is most likely to come up with an important reveal – the new iPhone. The long-awaited phone will most likely be available for purchase starting from this month. Some rumors claim that Apple might delay the release until October and November, so we will have to follow the company’s activity and find out.

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