Rumors of the 2020 iPhone Designs May Discourage You to Invest in the Device this year

There has never any doubt that Apple expects to make drastic changes in all the iPhone models it will launch in 2020. Though some highlights like the first 5G phone from the Apple stable is expected, there are other details being shared as well. One major source of information for the online community is Ming-Chi Kuo who is often described as an Apple insider. He has let out a few details which will be the cornerstones for the iPhone models of 2020.

All Three Phones will be 5G-enabled

Apple is likely to keep the three-model formula it has adopted in the past couple of years and you can expect an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max and the iPhone 12 R. There were conflicting reports earlier on the 5G capability of these models. It is now being clarified that all these three devices can be used in the 5G environment and not just the top 2. Some attribute this development to Apple’s taking over the mobile chipset business of Intel. It is still possible that Apple may stick to its earlier plan of fitting the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets for the two top-end models. A less expensive Intel chipset could go into the iPhone 12 R.

2020 iPhones

Two Sets of Technologies Predicted

Ming-Chi Kuo has indicated that there will be two types of connectivity technologies within the 5G ecosystem. One is the millimeter Wave or mmWave and the other, sub-6 GHz spectrum. As you are aware, what separates the 5G from 4G is the speed at which the mobile can process data. The mmWave technology facilitates this thrilling speed the processor is capable of. The only drawback with this technology is the distance constraint.

The sub-6 GHz spectrum, on the other hand, facilitates the use of the 5G connectivity even from a long distance from the source of the signal. It doesn’t offer the same level of speed that you expect. The iPhones of 2020 will sport both these technologies if you go by Ming-Chi Kuo. Experts opine that the Android phones will go largely with the sub-6 GHz spectrum technology only, sacrificing speed for coverage.

Apart from the connectivity area, the current thinking is that Apple will engage in a thorough revamp of the flagship phones next year, with new display dimensions and types and completely new camera setups, etc.

With these revelations, it is a moot question of how many people will boldly go out there and buy one of the 2019 models of iPhones.

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