LG G Pad 5 10.1 Leaked; Tone+ Free Wireless Earbuds Officially Launched

LG G Pad 8

In news about the less talked about South Korean conglomerate, LG, the company is likely to release a tablet soon and has already released wireless earbuds with the latest features. The information on the tablet, the LG G Pad 5 10.1 is not complete, neither is the date of its launch revealed yet. Some images of the tablet have been shared online and the official announcements may come soon.

10.1-inch Display Predicted with 8MP and 5MP Shooters

The report on this LG G Pad 5 claims the tablet will sport an 10.1-inch display with thick bezels on all four sides. The body is said to be metallic purely based on the impression gathered from the image. The device is rumored to have an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP sensor in the front for clicking selfies. This report claims the battery could be as powerful as 8,200 mAh. The image suggests there will be the USB C-Type socket for charging and connecting to other devices. There is the dual-speaker grill clearly visible at the bottom.

The price of the LG G Pad 5 is being estimated to be $367. There is very little information available from this report. Details like the screen resolution, the processor under the hood and if there are Wi-Fi and LTE options available, etc. don’t figure in this. As mentioned, only an official reveal can share those details unless some other source is able to bring out more information.

LG’s Wireless Earbuds Seem to Match AirPods Pro Specs

LG has unveiled its Tone+ Free wireless earbuds sometime back. These have been made available in the South Korean market and the specs and features seem to be as impressive as the latest AirPods Pro announced by Apple. The Tone+ Free wireless earbuds come with the special Meridian Audio signal processing technology that delivers tuning to advanced levels and offer noise reduction for distortion-free listening. Almost identical to the AirPods Pro, the LG Tone+ Free wireless earbuds can last 1 hour on a five-minute charge. The total time the earbuds from LG can last on a fully charged level is six hours, according to LG.

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