Rumors Indicate that OnePlus Smartwatch will be Launched Next Year

OnePlus Smartwatch

OnePlus goes with the slogan ‘Never Settle’. Perhaps the company is living up to its mission statement and appears to be on a roll. After having tasted success internationally with its smartphones, the company unveiled its OnePlus TV recently. Shortly after the launch, a tweet has appeared claiming that a OnePlus smartwatch is on its way. There is also a mention of a fitness band. It is therefore not very clear if it’s a smartwatch or just a fitness band that OnePlus would want to launch.

Attempted Once in 2016 and Abandoned

This is the second occasion one is hearing about a wearable device from OnePlus. The last time it was spoken about was a good three years ago, in 2016. For some internal reasons, the company did not go ahead with the release and one did not hear about it again until this tweet.

However, concept sketches were shared online since then which showed the smartwatch OnePlus was supposed to have been building back then. You may find that the design was a typical wristwatch pattern with a circular dial, customizable straps and so on.

OnePlus Smartwatch render

No Details Available on the New Wearable Device

There is absolutely nothing to write about what the new OnePlus smartwatch or fitness band will look like or what specifications it will come with. There are talks that OnePlus could be developing its OS for the device. This could be more due to wishful thinking since the general market sense is that the Android ecosystem is yet to produce a brilliant wearable technology. The WearOS has not been so successful, whatever the reason. Google has said that its acquiring Fitbit may change things for the OS as well.

There are some established players in the field even if you were to keep Apple Watch out of the equation since it belongs to a different league altogether. Samsung has a range of smartwatches but they are in the premium category. Xiaomi’s Mi Band is a very popular device and OnePlus may have to start competing with it first. With the kind of marketing strategy demonstrated by this Chinese company for its OnePlus smartphones, it can be safely assumed that they would do their homework before launching a wearable device. Having gained a mass in the smartphone user community, it may have a ready base of buyers for its fitness band or smartwatch.

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