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Rumored iPhone XI to come with Super Wide Angle and TOF Lens in 2019

Apple will launch the iPhone XI or at least the next iPhone for 2019 which is already confirmed. Obviously, the company has been launching new models every year and this year will be no different. It is the hardware specifications that generate interest among buyers every year. If you are one among them, you will be pleased to know that the company will bring Super Wide Angle lens and TOF lens to their 2019 iPhone models.

While most brands including big ones like LG and Samsung used to adopt what Apple did in the past in their newer phones, times have changed. Chinese smartphone manufacturers who used to be the underdogs of the game by copying big companies have now built a customer base for themselves. Xiaomi which was a relatively new brand has touched new heights in terms of sales in the Asian market and Huawei has made its brand presence felt even in the top tier phones.

Surprisingly, these two Chinese brands have already adopted super wide angle and TOF lenses making Apple a latecomer to the game. Being the innovative and powerful brand they are, Apple is not going to give up easily and will come up with their patented technologies which will be used in the super wide angle lens to produce fantastic group photos and maybe breathtaking nature shots.

Leaked iPhone XI Hardware Parts

A couple of pictures have been leaked online which the source MyDrivers claims to be that of iPhone XI scheduled for launch in Q3 2019. The rear side of these parts indicate that it will have three lenses including a normal wide-angle lens, 2x zoom telescope sensor and the proprietary super wide angle lens.


In order to accommodate three different lenses, Apple has to change the rear design which now features a square area with rounded edges. It will also feature TOF cameras which have lots of advantages when compared to optical sensors that are being used in most smartphone models.

By adopting TOF cameras, the manufacturer can ensure higher accuracy in the captured shots, increase the effective ranging distance from the structured light and allow users to take quick snapshots without straining the processor. It saves time spent in recognizing the object or person so that you could instantly click those beautiful shots.

As we are still a few months away from the actual launch, you should probably wait for more solid leaks to surface which will confirm what Apple has planned for their 2019 iPhone model.

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