RottenV Mod Turns GTA Online into the Land of Zombies

FiveM has developed a mod that turns the luxurious metropolis of GTA into a bloodthirsty, mindless land of the undead. With RottenV mod, the GTA V gamers can experience GTA on a whole new level. The members of the GTA V community have to battle the hordes of bloodthirsty non-playable characters to survive the apocalypse.

While playing RottenV, the members can communicate with other players via voice chat where they have to fight, gather resources, and battle the widespread disease. The people who are entirely familiar with Grand Theft Auto Online are well aware of the fact that the mod is straight forward and ordinary. Moreover, if a person is caught using the RottenV mod, will go through a permanent ban from the community.

RottenV mod isn’t an official offering

Rockstar Games didn’t officially release the mod and this mod enables the crime simulator. However, there is a positive side of the mod; the mod is specific for the GTA Online, and it uses the base game for identifying ownership of the game.

FiveM is becoming an increasingly popular modification framework for GTA V and GTA Online. It also allows the players to play GTA Online on custom-made dedicated servers. FiveM has surpassed 50,000 members whereas steam features 108,557 users in May 2019. The modification framework offers newly modded gameplay background along with a roleplay map.

Gamers are considering RottenV as the most enticing setting to play GTA Online with money and camps.

GTA RottenV mod

The ultimate bliss of open world game

Playing an open world game such as GTA 5 and GTA Online is hugely pleasurable. GTA 5 offers a massive world that the gamers can explore, and this is what made the first four installments of GTA an enormous hit. Nevertheless, exploring the world full of chaos with jobs, activities, and distractions can be a little conflicting. Even engineering a setting such as RottenV is not an easy task for the developer.

The mod has been structured into specific sessions, and the game begins as a battle royale. The players start the game by using a parachute and get into the map. Then they make their way to a safe zone. These safe zones in the RottenV offer water, weapon, refuge, item upgrade along with mission updates and quests. Around 32 human players can join a single game and fight their way to surviving the apocalypse.

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