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Rockstar Says that 2019 Notifications are a Hoax: Grand Theft Auto 6

No matter what in-game announcements say, Grand Theft Auto 6 does not have a release window in 2019.

Even five years after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, nowadays it is still one of the most popular games that are on the market. What kept Grand Theft Auto 5 in high interest and fresh is the regular updates on the content of the multiplayer online version of the game.

With that being said, Grand Theft Auto’s fans can no longer wait for new challenges and scenes with every year that passes.

At last month’s E3 2018 in LA, fans’ hopes were high, and they expected to be shown something new from the Rockstar Games. The result is, they got nothing.

There were some faint hopes that Rockstar Games would reveal something about the release window at last month’s E3 2018 in LA. But that came and went without any word.

And after a recent notification in the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, hopes raised again as it announced the release of the game to be in 2019.

Reddit and Grand Theft Auto Online had received information from players that they keep receiving the ‘Rockstar Message Grand Theft Auto VI Coming 2019’ notification.

And because the public was agitated, Rockstar came with the confirmation that they did not send that announcement and they are in fact face. After waiting an extended period of time for that response, the game’s fans were disappointed.

Here is what Rockstar tweeted:

So the conclusion is that we should keep waiting because we might see here something at Grand Theft Auto 5’s fifth anniversary as it will take place on September 17.

Taking into consideration how quiet they have been on the Grand Theft Auto 6, do not be mad if you will find here no announcement at the end of the year.

Maybe the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 sucked all their energy. This game is also very popular and on October 26 in 2018, a sequel will be launched. Soon after that when the water calms down we might hear something about the appearance of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Until then we leave you with this advice: do not expect anything soon.

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