Rockstar Games Won’t Release the Casino DLC Anytime Soon

The fans of Grand Theft Auto Online and GTA 5 are eagerly waiting for the next significant offering from Rockstar Games. The forthcoming casino update is by far the most awaited DLC of 2019 in the video game industry.

Many gamers around the world expected that Rockstar would release the game in two weeks after the announcement. More precisely, the gamers were hoping that Rockstar would follow the same pattern of releasing the DLC, on a Thursday. However, there has been no release of the DLC neither has there been an announcement of the release.

Rockstar did not release the Casino DLC this week

The previous prediction suggested that Rockstar would release the Casino DLC this week. The fans are disappointed that the developer didn’t reveal anything about the update. The recent moves from Rockstar Games suggest that the developer will take quite some time to release the DLC.

There is also a highly likely chance that Rockstar Games will not be releasing it in the coming weeks. According to online sources, there haven’t been massive changes on the game’s database at the time of writing this report. It is safe to say that Rockstar didn’t plan to release the Casino DLC in June, in the first place.

Rockstar Casino DLC

While announcing the sneak peek of Casino update, Rockstar mentions that the DLC will release sometime in “summer.” Rockstar Games usually take a bigger time frame when they are about to release a massive update like the forthcoming Casino DLC. This also suggests that Rockstar is continually working to make the upcoming update a great final product.

If Rockstar unveils the update as soon as possible, and the DLC files embed enormous amounts of bugs, then it is not good for both Rockstar and the fans. It is excellent to know that Rockstar is taking as much time as it needs to perfect the DLC.

How long are the fans going to wait?

Rockstar, while announcing the update, said that the update would be live by the end of the summer. The studio has until September to release the Casino DLC. A few online sources also suggest that Rockstar might release the Casino update in mid-July or early August. On the other hand, on the 4th of July, Rockstar might provide the necessary details about the new update.

Rockstar GTA Online

GTA Online has a little treat for gamers this week. The gamers can earn three times the money they garner after completing a mission. The gamers can also gain three times the experience points on Hotring Circuits, RC Bandito Races, and Issi Classic Races. In addition to this, gamers can also avail the 2x GTA$ and RP on Stunt Races and Time Trials.

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