Rockstar Games Might Release the GTA Online Casino DLC Next Week

Rockstar Games Might Release the GTA Online Casino DLC Next Week

For over a month, the Grand Theft Auto players have been looking forward to getting into gambling. The good news is that the players of Grand Theft Auto Online are not going to have to wait for long to get their hands the Casino DLC. According to the credible online sources, the forthcoming Diamond Casino and Resort would open next week in the heart of Los Santos.

On the 18th of July, Rockstar Games came up with a new trailer concerning the release of the Casino DLC. The developer put the video on their official YouTube channel to let the players know what they can expect from the new update. The video also showcases casino games, lavish penthouse suites, brand new cars, and several other unique accessories.

What kind of Casino Game will Rockstar Games introduce in the DLC?

Based on Rockstar’s official website, after the players get into the casino, they will have to buy chips to play roulette, blackjack, and poker. Rockstar Games will also introduce slot machines to bet money. On the other hand, one of the most innovative casino games in GTA Online would be to bet on the race of virtual horse.

GTA Diamond Casino

In addition to the new games, the developer also allows the player in gaining access to more of a customizing Master Penthouse. There is a slight catch when it comes to the Master Penthouse, and that is only the VIP members can access the play area. Moreover, the Master Penthouse incorporates VIP lounges, tables, different other assortments and services.

What makes the Master Penthouse a lucrative play area?

The moment a player becomes a VIP member, they would have the chance to become an integral member of GTA’s famous Diamond Family. Becoming a part of the Diamond Family in GTA has its perks as players can avail help from Tao Cheng, the owner of the property as well as the Diamond Staff.

After becoming the owner, it gets easier to protect the investments made in GTA Online from the hands of the Texan Petrochemical Magnates. Furthermore, the players can also opt for many important operative missions to earn much more money. Each task would reward the player with never-seen-before rewards when the plot comes to an end.

Rockstar Games confirms that the players would get a brand-new vehicle, free of charge. To earn extra chips as well as cash from the casino itself, the players have to get into the mission, namely, Agatha Baker’s Diamond Head of Operations. The Diamond Casino and Resort would be open for business on the 23rd of July 2019.

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