Resident Evil 7 to be Available for Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil 7 to be Available for Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil is a game franchise which revolutionized how people look at the horror genre of gaming. Perhaps some of the most iconic scenes that one usually thinks about when they hear about Resident Evil are the terrifying monsters that were part of the storylines. Another thing that was special to Resident Evil was the fact that the camera angles were so weird that they challenged the players to adapt quickly and to survive and make some progress in the game.

With time this game franchise did not stick to their old-school ways. They adapted and came up with new and improved storylines. Resident Evil 7 stands out since it is the first game in the series which focuses on a first-person perspective. Today we will be talking more about this game and the fact that a Nintendo Switch version for the game will be soon available. However, will it be available worldwide or is it a release specific to one country? How will the game work? Read more to find out!

Resident Evil on Nintendo Switch

The survival horror game is going to see a Nintendo Switch release in Japan in the latter part of this week, on the 24th of May to be exact. The game is only 45MB, and it will only cost around 20 dollars. Yes, this does seem odd, and there is a reason behind that. The idea is that the game will be streamed via the cloud on Nintendo Switch.

Players will be able to play a small demo for free during the first 15 minutes, and then they will have to purchase a Stream Ticket which will be available for 180 days. The Switch release is called Biohazard & Resident Evil Cloud Version. The problem with this release is that for the player to be able to enjoy the game, they would have to rely on a pretty reliable internet connection. Which ultimately means that you can’t go outside and play the game since the strength of the Wi-Fi you find may not be as good as you need.

Your saves will be stored via the cloud account, but here there is also a catch. If the account is not active for a longer period, then these saves will be automatically deleted so keep that in mind. The good thing about the cloud version of the game is that it includes all of the game’s DLCs.

Capcom is not the first one to do this by releasing a cloud stream version of their game. Square Enix did the same thing. They have a cloud streaming version for 3DS and smartphones for their Dragon Quest X MMO. Same can be said for cloud-powered Final Fantasy XIII game version. Resident Evil 7 is an odd choice however since the downgrade in graphics from the PC version to the Nintendo Switch specs is odd. But the decision has already been made.

There is no word at the moment about a release date for other Western countries. The game does not have other language choices apart from Japanese. Maybe in the future, we may see Capcom announce the release of a Nintendo Switch cloud version for other countries, but for now, Japan seems to be the only one.

More about the game

People that are not very familiar with this game could benefit from hearing more about the plot. The game goes back to the franchise’s horror roots. It is centered on Ethan Meyers, the main character that the player gets to control, who is looking for his wife. He receives a message from his missing wife which leads him to the Baker family plantation. Here, he searches for her all over the house. He has to hide from the cannibal members of the Baker family and from a humanoid fungus that is only known as “Molded.”

He does this by walking room to room and solving as many puzzles as needed to escape. Do not think that he does not have any weapons to aid him. He can choose from shotguns, explosives, chainsaws and even flamethrowers, all so that he can be armed when faced with the Baker family. That does not mean that he must always confront them. He has the stealth option as well during certain moments.

Critics were in love with the game but what they did not like were its boss battle and the final chapter.

DLC packs

The first DLC pack became available on the 31 on January last year. Named “Banned Footage Vol. 1” this expansion packs introduced two new scenarios which were named “Bedroom” and “Nightmare” and “Ethan must Die” which is a new game mode. “Banned Footage Vol. 2” was the second DLC pack which became available on the 14th of February last year. This time it came with two new game scenarios, one named “Daughters” and the other one “21”.

Again we also received a new game mode named “Jack’s 55th Birthday”. On the 12 of December last year the third DLC pack was released. Named “not a Hero,” it followed a different storyline where players were able to control Chris Redfield. On the same day the last DLC pack, named “End of Zoe,” was also released.

We believe that it would be more than exciting to get to experience this storyline on the intend Switch which is why we would also like to see Capcom release a version for other Western countries, not just for Japan.

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