How To Reset A Chromebook To Factory Settings

If you’ve noticed that your Chromebook is not working as it used to, or you want to give it to someone or sell it, you should perform a factory reset first. This will give the device a fresh start. This can be super useful especially if you noticed some issues in the performance. Doing this isn’t complicated at all. Keep on reading as we are going to show you how to reset a Chromebook to factory settings. Before you start, keep in mind this erases all the info on the device’s hard drive, so don’t forget to backup your data first.

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There are two methods to factory reset a Chromebook, though settings and using the shortcut keys. We are going to share them both.

How to reset a Chromebook through Settings

The first method we are going to show you is how to factory reset a Chromebook through Settings. Follow the steps below:

  • Head to Settings
  • Next, tap Advanced Settings
  • Scroll down and then click Powerwash
how to reset a Chromebook to factory settings


  • A pop-up box will show up
  • Click Restart
  • Follow the on-screen steps and let your Chromebook restart


How to reset a Chromebook to factory settings using shortcut keys

Here is another method to wipe everything off. You are going to use shortcut keys to factory reset your Chromebook. Follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do si sign out of your Chromebook
  • Next press the following keys at the same time: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r
  • A pop-up box will show up on the screen
  • Now click Restart
  • Follow the steps and let your Chromebook restart.


These are the methods you can use to give your Chromebook a fresh start. After the factory reset, you will have to set it up from scratch. Once you complete the task, you can give it to someone, sell it, or enjoy using it as it will run like a brand new device.


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