Research: Do you spend more than four hours a day on your smartphone?

A new research published a few days ago confirms our dependence on increasingly acute daily use of a smartphone.

Although it is very easy to not realize how much time do you spend daily with a smartphone in hand, I am convinced that you will not be surprised if at the end of the day this value would exceed a few hours. Whether state to Facebook, writing messages or talking on the phone from his pocket the little gadget is indispensable than ever.

A new report from the Mobile Intelligence Informed came to a sad conclusion quite opposite the operating time of a smartphone in various countries around the world. Americans suffer most severely from this “affection” of the 21st century, registering an average not less than 4.7 hours of use every day. Compared to other 11 countries surveyed, this value is the highest. The report is based on information gathered during the last month of last year, in December 2014, although I do not think that time spent on the phone is much lower in other months of the year. Trying to draw attention to the importance of fast Internet connections, whether WiFi or 3G / 4G, the same study we find that Americans consume monthly via smartphone, an average of 20GB.

In the second position, surprisingly, it is Thailand with 4.2 hours, while the last stage position is occupied by Malaysia, with an average of 3.3 hour per user. Countries such as Argentina or Mexico is bottom of the table with 1.8 hours.

In practice, such statistics are alarming. I wonder if the SmartWatch industry becoming smarter will help us not to stay permanently glued to the phone.