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Report Suggests iPhone SE2 Could Have an Additional Model Later in the Year or in 2021

A fresh rumor has surfaced indicating Apple may have not one but two iPhone SE2 models in the pipeline. It is possible that the second model may not be out in the market before early 2021, but the key prediction in this unconfirmed report is that the display size could be higher between 5.5 to 6.1 inches. This leads observers to expect Apple to release six iPhone models between now and around the same time next year, 2021. Out of these, there are four models to be included in the lineup at the annual event in Fall, which must see the iPhone 12 range unveiled. The inclusion of a 5G capable device has already pushed the numbers up.

The Larger-Sized iPhone SE2

There is no background explanation as to why Apple would want to launch a budget phone with a larger display screen. One of the arguments included in the discussions over the model is that there are a market and a demand for the sub-5-inch model. The smartphone market has gone through a churn in the past few years and it has become practically impossible to imagine a phone with a display less than 6-inches irrespective of the slot or segment the phone is placed in. In most emerging markets like India where these companies sell a majority of their phones, videos and other content streamed are viewed on the phones rather than on other screens. The larger the display screen in these handheld devices, the better it is for the user. Apple might have sensed this market for its low-priced offering and decided to launch an iPhone SE2 with a 6-inch or thereabouts display. That is if these rumors are true.

Apple iphone SE2

Apple’s Supply Chain the Source of this News?

Quoting sources from the device maker’s supply chain is not a new development. Most rumors and speculations emerge from case makers or display manufacturers etc. In this particular case, Digitimes, the source of this report claims that a Taiwanese company named Chipbond Technology is going to be supplying the LCD screens for the two iPhone SE2 models. Such claims were included in the predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo who had also said there will be six models of iPhones to be launched by Apple in 2020-early 2021. His prediction included a mention that the larger-sized model will be called the iPhone SE2 Plus.

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