How To Report Fake Profile On Facebook

Facebook is a social network on which the users can share the fun content, post statuses, photos and videos and chat. Many companies take the opportunity to promote their products and services on Facebook as well. But, there are many individuals that use the fake profiles to make the money with different types of frauds. We can often hear that someone has the problem with a fake profile, which disturbs the individuals or the group of people. As soon as you see or get the information about the fake profile, you should report it to Facebook administrators. This guide will show you how to report fake profile on Facebook.

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How To Report Fake Profile On Facebook

If you don’t know how to report the fake profile, you need to follow these instructions:

Sign into Facebook.

Click on your profile and then on lists of friends that you can find under the cover photo.

Find the fake profile.

Click on the three dots next to “Message” on the fake profile cover photo, and in drop-down menu click on “Report”.

In the new window, you will see the question and answers you can select.

Click on “Report this account” and click on “Continue”.

In the new window, chose the option “This is a fake account” and proceed to the next step by clicking on “Continue”.

In the next screen, select the option “Other” and click on “Continue”.

Next, you will see four options from which you need to choose “Submit to Facebook for Review”.

In the last step, just confirm all of your actions by clicking on “Done”.

You successfully reported the fake profile to the Facebook team.




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