How To Remove A Single Url Or The Suggestion Entry From Google Chrome Address Bar

The simplified user interface is the main reason why Google Chrome is the most popular browser. Every action in Google Chrome that comes on your mind, you can do it with ease. But, there is always something unclear and a little more complicated. When you start to type some term in Google Chrome address bar you will notice that the browser remembers everything. The unclear thing is how to remove a single entry from this search without deleting all the browsing history. This guide will show you how to  remove a single Url or suggestion entry from Google Chrome address bar.

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How To Remove A Single Url Or The Suggestion Entry From Google Chrome Address Bar

You know that you can delete the history in Google Chrome easily, just press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete and you will get the „Clear browsing data“ dialog. But these settings will delete everything.

You can also have the option to remove entries individually by pressing Ctrl + H. There you will see all your search history sorted by time ( the latest visited website will be shown at the top of the list). Then just select an item from the list and click on „Remove selected items“.

But it isn’t something that you really need. You want to remove the entry directly from the address bar.

The reason for this is that you don’t want some entries or URLs to show in the address bar’s list because they can distract you to find the right term by offering already entered addresses or terms with a similar meaning.

To prevent this, you can selectively remove only the items that you don’t want to see.

In the search bar, click the first character of the desired term, and with the up and down arrow keys, select the right address and press the key combination Shift + Delete and the entry will disappear from the address bar.








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