Remove render-blocking JavaScript in wordpress

Today I found a way to get an 80+/100  on Google PageSpeed Insights. Remove render-blocking JavaScript  was the main issue that I was encountering that’s was slowing down my WordPress website.I didn’t want to manually edit the Javascript files from my theme because I want to mess up nothing. Jquery is the culprit that may be causing the low grade .Most of these WordPress theme enabled Jquery to load first before the website contents.

“Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content” or “Leverage browser caching” using Google PageSpeed Insights, here’s a solution 

Today I have tested with a WordPress plugin to speed up my website 70% faster and my Google Score went from 70 to 86 with little to no technical work .

Google’s Recommendation

JavaScript needed to render the above-the-fold region should be inlined, and JavaScript needed to add additional functionality to the page should be deferred until after the above-the-fold content has been delivered.

Remove render-blocking JavaScript in WordPress

>Login to your WordPress

>Add New Plugin

>Search for “Autoptimize”

or download it here

>install and activate

>Check the “Optimize CSS Code” and Optimize JavaScript Code boxes



>Save changes then empty cache

Google PageSpeed Insights before


Remove render-blocking JavaScript in wordpress

Remove render-blocking JavaScript in WordPress


Google PageSpeed Insights After


Remove render-blocking JavaScript in wordpress

Remove render-blocking JavaScript in WordPress

If you want super speed. then add this to your htaccess:


ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/png "access 1 year"
ExpiresByType text/css "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/pdf "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access 1 year"
ExpiresDefault "access 2 days"




What’s Yours?, share yours in the comment section!

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