Redmi K20 Outperformed the Blackshark 2 Gaming Smartphone, AnTuTu Scores Reveal


Xiaomi has succeeded on a big scale in the mainstream smartphone zone and now they are bringing their sub-brand Redmi into the flagship territory. The upcoming Redmi K20 is already being promoted as the flagship killer and the manufacturer even pitted themselves against OnePlus 7 Pro in a sarcastic tweet on Twitter.

The team seems to have gained so much confidence because of the powerful hardware specifications used in the product. And, it has now been confirmed with the AnTuTu benchmarks that got leaked much before the official release date. According to the available information, it is known that the Redmi K20 is competing against some of the powerful smartphones available today and has managed to even outperform one of the popular Blackshark 2 gaming smartphone on AnTuTu.

Going by the numbers revealed in the benchmark, it is highly possible that the K20 variant of the Redmi will offer the highest performance on all fronts. The smartphone has managed to score 4,58,754 in the AnTuTu 7.3.0 testing which is much higher than Xiaomi’s own Mi 9 as well as the Blackshark 2. Gaming smartphones are usually on the top of the line but non-gaming smartphones are now competing against them directly.

There is another upcoming smartphone named Red Magic 3 which has scored 4,37,524. However, this is still lesser than what the K20 delivers. Liquid cooling technology which used to be on a large scale in gaming PCs and desktop computers are now becoming the norm on smartphones. This particular flagship model from Redmi uses the same technology but for a small device, the amount of liquid will usually be just a drop or two which will be circulated within to keep the processor at an acceptable temperature.

While the liquid cooling technology is not something entirely new for the Xiaomi brand as it is already found in the Poco phone, the Redmi K20 uses a far more advanced version of the same to ensure performance. At the same time, it will also keep the phone’s temperature low during gaming, movies or any other intense activity that could strain the processor. Apart from the base model, the company has planned to launch a Pro version of the phone in China first before it finds its way to other markets. It is also said to get launched in three different color variants including Carbon Fibre, Red and Blue editions.

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