How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards

Have you won an iTunes Gift card and do not know how to redeem and use it? Don’t worry. We have explained here how to redeem and use iTunes Gift cards.

Stuff such as movies, books, games, and apps can be easily bought using this gift card while you can buy them from any mobile Apple stores like iTunes store, iBook store, App Store and Mac App Store. Anyways, the process is almost same for everything. So, keep reading to redeem and use iTunes gift cards that you received.

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How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards

The process is super simple and involves just two steps. Reveal the code in the gift card and use it to buy things.

Step 1: Locate and reveal the code

In order to use the iTunes gift cards to buy something, it is vital to locate the code that is present at the back side of the code. You will notice a black label just above the bar code. Scratch that label to see the hidden code. It normally starts with x. It will stay just above the bar code, however, you might find the code at different places as well, depending which card you have received. Once you have located the hidden code, next comes using that code to buy stuff from the app store.

Step 2: Redeem and use iTunes gift card

You can use this code on any device to complete the buying process. The process will differ a bit according to the user device such as an iOS device or a Mac. All the processes will be discussed here. However, first ensure you have an Apple ID to use the iTunes gift card.

iOS device

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod the process will be same for every iOS device.

  • First go to the app store, iBook store or iTunes store anything from where the purchase will be made.
  • Next scroll down at the bottom and tap Redeem under the Featured section.
  • Here you will need to sign in with the Apple ID. So, put the username and password to go ahead.

How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards

  • There are two options to enter the code. You can choose to enter the code either manually or else by using the built in camera. If the code is to be entered manually then type the 16 digit code by pressing the Redeem button. And if you want to use the built in camera, then press ‘Use camera’ and face the back side of the card towards the camera.
  • Tap Done and that’s it. Next, the amount on that card will be credited to the Apple ID which you can use to make any purchase from the mobile apple store.

How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards



MAC and PC

  • Open the iTunes.

How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards

  • Sign in with the Apple ID if prompted.
  • Tap on account > Redeem.
  • Enter the password and then hit Enter from the keyboard.
  • You will be then required to enter the 16 digit code. Enter the code and again tap Redeem. That’s it.


So, this is how you can redeem and use iTunes gift cards.

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