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Reddit Post Claims GTA 6 will be Announced in Fall 2020

Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar Games released GTA 5 back in 2013 and a new Grand Theft Auto title is long overdue. It has been 6 years and it is the longest they have gone without releasing a new title in the renowned video game series. However, there have been leaks and rumors regarding GTA 6 in the works, and we are seeing more and more people posting leaks and gameplay experiences of the supposed title on Reddit and other gaming forums.

One such post surfaced on Reddit two days ago on the GTA 6 subreddit. The Reddit user who made the post is called Temperaturerising45, who is a new Reddit user and the account only has this post.

The leak is titled “Throwaway for obv (obvious) reasons” as the user doesn’t expect Redditors to believe it but share it anyway. The leaks reveal lots of information regarding the gameplay and location of the new GTA title.

Throwaway for obv reasons from GTA6

The new GTA title is set in San Francisco and Las Vegas with San Francisco called San Fierro, and Las Vegas called Las Venturas, which was previously featured in GTA 5. Famous landmarks like the Hoover Dam and the recently famous Area 51 will be present in the game.

The leak reveals that instead of having three male characters like Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton in GTA 5, the new title will have only two protagonists, one female and the other male. Like the previous title, both the characters are expected to have different storylines and some overlapping in between them.

The user also claimed that there is lots of inspiration from Rockstar Games’ other hit title Red Dead Redemption 2 with way more animals and wildlife than GTA 5 and specific areas for hunting mini-games. Supposedly, there is a mission where players must release all the animals from a zoo into the public. This sounds interesting and possible since all Rockstar would have to do is borrow the animal graphics and behavior from the other title, Read Dead Redemption 2 to make it work.

The leaks also mention that there are going to be way more interiors with buildings like malls, coffee shops, and restaurants open for us to enter. However, all buildings and houses are not accessible. The gun-buying aspect of the game is also going to change with Ammunition remaining for simple weapons like handguns and armors. But, there is also an underground weapons market with more illegal ammunition like explosives and rocket launchers.

The leaks are baseless for now, but we are excited about what Rockstar has to offer. The game studio rarely disappoints the gaming community and GTA 6 will clearly own the 2020 video game market.

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