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Red Dead Redemption 2: Skirt the Rhodes Road and Save Your Horse

Red Dead Redemption 2: If you are a regular gamer, you will be familiar with bugs in your favorite game, particularly the newly released versions of the game. The one most talked about today is the bug in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the name given to it is Rhodes Horse Fire Bug (some call it the Cursed Road Glitch, though). The reason for this is at a particular point when you pass through, a fire engulfs the horse and you lose it. It could be a shocking turn of events in an otherwise immersive gameplay and once you develop a bond as most people do with the animal characters in games, you would hate to lose the horse. And in this fiery manner? You would have started thinking if there is a way you can play around this bug and avoid getting the horse burnt. Rockstar, the game’s developers will surely come up with some solution soon, but you can’t stop playing Red Dead Redemption 2 till then, can you?

Is the Road Taken to be Blamed?

Different gamers can have different experiences inside the same game. The software written while developing the game ensures that every move you make using your joystick can present a different next move in the game. That’s how many gamers fail and get frustrated. In this case, it is obvious that any horse that crosses a specific point on a road, which is shown in the map to be close to the town of Rhodes, gets caught in a fire that explodes suddenly. One way you may want to escape this unpleasant spectacle is to just avoid that route. Try any other road nearby and see if you are able to cross the place safely and save your horse too.

Reclaim Your Horse Even if Lost

If you have watched the Western movies of the olden days with Clint Eastwood or other great heroes you will be able to connect with many aspects of the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Like in the movies you could lose your favorite horse and then it will resurface after some time. You can recognize it to be your animal. You even have the option within this game of summoning your lost horse through a whistle, again, like in those Western Classics. Great isn’t it?

One of the other options you have, if you find yourself without your horse in the game, is to make a visit to the Horse Station within the hideout your gang has chosen. When you go there, you could find your horse too among the other animals there and ride back in it. These are gameplay situations created to give you those additional excitements besides simply playing the game.

You may get the opportunity to find your lost horse in another way. This is to find the Stables in a town you are in and check out the animals there.

If you have mastered the game, there are ways you will reach these places quicker, like using the fast travel option. Try all of them and avoid getting your horse burnt unnecessarily and feel sad later.

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