How to Record a Video Conference on Skype

Skype is one of the best instant messaging applications in the world, which is used by both regular users and companies. However, one of the features, which we think that should be implemented, is voice and video call recording.

This could turn out to be a great feature, which would be used by companies to record their video conferences so that the ones who’ve missed them would be able to see them later.

Skype: How Can You Record A Video Call

First of all, you will need to download and install a free recorder that can be used on Skype. We suggest you to try out “Free Video Call Recorder For Skype,” as this application comes with everything you need to make sure that the recording works without any problems. We have to mention that the application is able to record both voice and video calls, so you won’t need to worry if you are using it for recording only the voice on a call.

The application comes with three options and it allows you to capture: video only from the other side of the call, audio from all sides of the call or picture-in-picture where the application will record video and audio from all sides of the conversation.

Another good application is called “MP3 Skype Recorder,” which is able to record all Skype conversations and it stores the files in MP3 format. In other words, since it saves the file in MP3 format, it will record ONLY audio. So, if you need video too, you will have to stick with the “Free Video Call Recorder For Skype” application.

There are also other applications that you can use to record voice/video Skype calls, but we suggest you to use these two applications as they work without any problems and there are many users very pleased with them.

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