Why i Do Not Recommend Crazy EGG For AdSense User

Crazy Egg shows you where people click, even if they are clicking on a picture that doesn’t have a link associated with it. This is very helpful because it tells you where visitors expect to be able to click. When you are installing Crazy EGG on your WordPress blog. You will have to install their Heatmap tracker, that will place a JavaScript on the top of your Header.php file. This is a tracking code used to see where people are clicking .However, for some strange reason this code somehow has interfered with my Google ad sense codes.


It is really disappointed , because Crazy Egg is a good software but to what i have observed it is not Google Ad sense Friendly .


My Google Adsesne Earning has Dropped Significantly from the day i have installed Crazy Egg and the tracking code on my WordPress Website

It’s not me alone is having this problem . Here  another person leave a comment :

I have used crazy egg since 1 month. I feel deceit because, my google adsense revenue are decreasing dramatically, for unknown reason, and an undesirable ads appears at the bottom of each blog message

Yesterday i have purchased  Crazy egg because i actually thought it would help me on how my adsense ads was performing and where are the place that’s getting the most clicks, however, after a few moments i saw my adsense earning slowly decreasing in earnings as opposed to last money.A Decreased in -80%   money was lost.

ASDASDSADASDThe image that is shown above is the evidence.The day is almost finish and i have only 1$.This is not my normally pattern

And do not think that i have dropped in traffic .For the most part my traffic is constant, not losing or decreasing in anyway.From the very first time i installed the tracking code on my wordpress blog via plugin i have experienced this dropped in adsense revenue  .

I do not want this to be a hate or prejudicial post against crazy egg.I admit it Crazy Egg is a really good software , However, if you are concerned about your ad sense account and your earnings from ad sense then i advice you to think again before you proceed

Visit Technobezz.com tomorrow because i will update you with my earnings tomorrow , because now i have removed and cancelled my crazy egg account permanently



This is not a Crazy Egg Review nor anything close, its just my experience and personal observations

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