Recent Reports say that Samsung Galaxy’s S10+ Might be the last Plus Device

Over the past years, Samsung has been known especially for its Galaxy series. Each launched generation tried to offer more interesting features than the previous ones, so the company offered its users modern and innovative devices with every new release.

Until now, fans were used to receive a larger version of the main Galaxy device – the Plus alternative. However, it seems that Samsung is planning to change strategy and the upcoming Galaxy S10+ might be the last smartphone from the Plus series.

A report published recently by the tech publication ”The Bell” states that Samsung is planning to give up on the idea of releasing a Plus model next to its yearly flagship. Instead, the developers are planning to merge the corresponding product with Galaxy Note line-ups.

What could have caused this move?

It looks like the idea behind this strategy could be to recover the loss of profit caused by the market saturation. If the two products are merged, the production and release costs will be reduced on the long term.

Samsung fans might have noticed that there are a lot of similarities between the Galaxy Plus and Note lines. The only notable difference so far is that Galaxies don’t have S-pens. Now that the S10+ will have a screen with the size of Note 9, the products are becoming almost identical. In this case, there’s no use to have both devices on the market at the same time.

Further information says that Samsung was thinking about this change for over a year, but they haven’t made any decision on the matter yet. Currently, they’re considering all the possible advantages and disadvantages.

If you were to predict the next move, we’ll say that the merge between Plus and Note lines will make a lot of sense for Samsung. Larger devices receive better reviews from tech fans, while smaller phones from their lines end up being used by average customers.

We don’t know what the future will bring, but we know that the Galaxy S line is one of the most popular from the market. Plus devices have their own fans, but if these people appreciated the pattern, they will be curious to see how it looks like combined with the Note line.

Until we know for sure, all we can do is speculate. Let’s wait and see what Samsung has prepared for us!

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