Recent Leaks from Apple: Apple News and Free Trail Policy Issues

Recent Leaks from Apple: Apple News and Free Trail Policy Issues

Apple is one of the biggest companies at the moment on the market. It combines both quality and quantity in a way that satisfies its fans. It is also always coming with new features that it implements in its apps. Speaking of apps, today we will be talking about the differences between Apple News and Google News. Google recently launched this revamped app, and it is going to be interesting to see the differences between them and what they share in common.

Apart from this, our most significant topic today will be the accusations that Apple has been receiving from the Developers Union. Who are the Developers Union, what do they fight for and what do they hope to achieve? Read more to find out.

Apple News – better than Google News?

With Google coming up with a new and updated interface for Google News we are more than excited to compare the two apps and see which features differ and which features are the same. This is not to say that either one is better than the other, but the competition between the two is always exciting to analyze.

For starters, Google started by reimaging the Google Newsstand Play app which was available on the iOS App Store. One of the most essential features that this app has is the fact that you can choose the different new categories that you are interested in. Say you want to read articles about Technology go into that category and find some of the latest news articles that cover a variety of topics.

Apple News and Google News both have a “For You” section. This section compiles articles and news headlines from personalized recommendation. Apple does this by taking information from the categories that you are interested in whereas Google does this by choosing stories that fit into the same category with articles that you often read. Google compiles these articles in a top five stories list with extra ones to be found at the bottom whereas Apple spends more time organizing them. You have top stories, trending stories, videos and then you can find some recommendations that are based on the channels and the topics that you are usually interested in. All to be found under the “For You” section.

Apple, however, has a feature that Google has not yet implemented. It has the “Spotlight” section. Here the user can see some articles picked by the Apple News Editors which may come from some news topics that they may not usually come into contact with. And this is not a bad thing since they could read an article and decide that they want to find more about that particular topic. We could see Google up the game and create a similar feature to this one shortly, since the two companies are very competitive.

However, Google also has a feature that Apple has not. In Google News, we can find the “Newsstand” tab where we can subscribe to various news sources that are either free or have paid subscriptions. We are sure that Apple will add this feature soon as well.

App developers for free trial policy

A group of iOS developers has decided to call Apple on its treatments of its developers. They first want to see Apple implement a free trial policy. They even set a deadline for this action, telling the company to apply it by the 10th anniversary of their mobile software department which is going to happen this July. The Developers Union has only one goal in mind: to make conditions for developers better so that they can create and use apps freely.

Another big problem with Apple’s App Store is its revenue cuts. They have remained at a constant 70-30 split ever since 2008. Not even Microsoft has these steep cuts, and that was before it changed the game during their Build conference. This type of stance did cause some problems for Apple. Apple makes one small step in the right direction in 2017 when it finally allowed users to preorder apps and gave developers the option to offer free trials.

In fall of 2016, Apple told its developers that they could keep an extra 15 percent of the app in-purchase revenue if the user of that particular app were subscribed to a service through the App store for over 12 months.

And the problem does not end here. Apple had some issues with big companies such as Spotify and Amazon as well. To avoid paying the 30 percent fee, these two companies decided to make users buy their premium features through their web pages and not through the apps. Amazon does just that by making its users purchase Amazon Prime rentals through their website and not through their app to avoid that 30 percent fee.

The Developers Union may not get Apple to change its ways unless it also gets support from other big companies such as Amazon, Spotify and other that also have to face that 30 percent fee. It is fair that Apples App Store division made more profits last year than the Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPods departments combined but if they keep being to fixated in their ways, they may lose more than they are gaining. If developers stop creating content for the App Store and decide to switch to Google Play or Microsoft’s own App Store, then the only one to suffer will be Apple.



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