Reasons Why Apple Watch Series 2 Is Worth Buying

Since it was released back in 2015, Apple Watch has dominated the smartwatch market. Even though it’s not the first smartwatch in the world, its popularity and sales have been able to replace some of the luxury watch companies.

Its users have a different opinion. Some of them were loving it, but some complained about several things, such as slow performance, very short battery life (only one day for normal usage), doesn’t have  water resistant feature, just to name a few. As always, Apple paid attention to the users’ feedback and they decided to improve their next Apple Watch.

On September event, Apple introduced the Apple Watch second generation, called Apple Watch Series 2. The device has some advantages to attract users, including those who have complained about Apple Watch First gen. This device comes with some improvements now.

Apple Watch Series 2


The reasons why Apple Watch Series 2 is worth to buy

Dual core processor

Apple tries to solve the slow performance issue on the first generation of Apple Watch. Having dual core processor, plus WatchOS 3 which has a better speed than WatchOS 2, This will make the Series 2 even faster. Why the performance of a smartwatch matters? It is because smartwatch is addressed for mobile usage in a short time. For example, checking the incoming email or message shortly after you locked your car. That kind of activity needs fast interaction. I think that is what people expect from a smartwatch.

Smartwatch which has a slow performance is useless. Moreover, it can even detain your productivity. One of the advantages of this device is to read or reply messages fast so that you don’t have to take the iPhone out of your pocket. Imagine if your smartwatch has a slow performance or responding slowly. You might think it will be better to take iPhone from your bag or pocket instead of waiting the device to respond. In this case, having smartwatch is useless.

Even though we haven’t get the real world performance of Apple Watch Series 2, Apple said that a new dual-core processor and more powerful GPU will allow a faster app performance and smoother animations.



A brighter display

Apple Watch is the device you can use and rely on it not only for indoor activities but also the outdoor, under the sunlight. For this need, Apple provides the Apple Watch Series 2 with OLED display which 2 times brighter from the previous gen. Apple convinces the Series 2 will be easy to read even under the sunlight.


Water resistant and the swim proof

This is the best feature on Apple Watch Series 2. Those who love water activities, like swimming or surfing, will appreciate it. Apple said the Series 2 can be submerged 50 metres under the water. You can even dive with it. There is also a special feature for swimming activity. Apple has tested and found a great formula to count how many calories you burn when you are swimming.

Apple Watch Series 2


Built-in GPS

This feature allows us to precisely record the distance, speed, and pace while we are walking. running, or cycling outdoors on Apple Watch. Previously, Apple Watch utilised the GPS on iPhone for this purpose, but it’s not as good as if you use it on Apple Watch directly.

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