Reasons Why Microsoft Edge is Better than Google Chrome

When Microsoft first released the Edge browser to the public, it wasn’t much to look at. In a way, it reminded everyone of a more optimistic Internet Explorer that tried a bit harder to be a good browser. But the truth is that it wasn’t all that good. However, this changed soon enough. Microsoft Edge kept on growing and developing, and the new Windows 10 Creators Update made it even better.

Now, Microsoft Edge is a force to be reckoned with in the web browser world. In fact, the browser grew so much over the last year that some people are even daring to compare it to Google Chrome now. And that’s huge news when you consider that Chrome was once the god-tier browser that no one dared to compare to other similar products. Here are six features that make Microsoft Edge better than Google Chrome.

  1. Jump list

With Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, you can launch a new window, regardless whether it is a normal one or an InPrivate one, straight from the taskbar. Click on the Microsoft Edge icon in the task bar and then select which task you want it to perform. This makes the entire process a whole lot faster and easier too as well. And we know that fast and easy to perform tasks are something we all look for in our daily lives.

  1. Manage all your tabs

With the new Edge, you have two buttons added that help you manage all your tabs better than before. In this way, you can organize your tabs after your heart’s desire and also never lose track of your browsing ever again. Some people have an inherent need to keep their browsing organized and clean, and these two features are the best way to do that in Microsoft Edge.

  1. Preview tabs

Microsoft Edge lets you do a cool thing, namely to preview all the tabs you have open in a very effective manner. In this way, you can keep track of what tabs you have open without losing sight of the main page you’re on at that specific moment of your browsing. This feature is especially helpful for people who have a habit of keeping a lot of tabs open. And as this is a habit that many Internet users have nowadays, this feature is surely an indispensable one, and it’s also unique to Microsoft Edge.

  1. Block untrusted flash content

Flash content has become the number one source of malware for many computers. The main issue here is that most browsers load any flash media by default, without asking any questions first. But Microsoft Edge asks you to confirm whether you want to load untrusted flash content or not before continuing with your browsing. This is a very good precaution, and it will certainly help keep you safe.

  1. Updated component UI

With Windows 10 and the subsequent Creators Update that came to it later on, Microsoft Edge got a brand new look and an improved level of functionality. The browser thus has a new input model now, as well as a new visual tree and overall new UWP architecture. This makes Edge more resilient in the face of slow loading pages and other functionality bugs that can occur during browsing.

  1. Web payments

Microsoft Edge is also the first browser to have an integrated online pay system. This helps checkouts run smoother. Although this feature is not something most people use on a daily basis, it is still something that some people need. And it’s certainly great to have a browser that can do that.

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  1. Biggest issue with Edge is how insecure compared to Chrome. I would wait until they stabilize before using.

    From Pawned this year

    “Microsoft’s Edge Was Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017, While Chrome Remained Unhackable “

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