What Should We Really Expect from the iPad Mini 5?

Apple is known for being secretive with its new products, so it’s not really surprising that we don’t have any official information about the iPad Mini 5. However, this lack of details has left many people wondering: what can we really expect from this fifth-generation Mini tablet?

It Might Be Discontinued

Considering that the iPad Mini 4 was released almost two years ago in September 2015, it’s easy to see that the iPad Mini 5 is way overdue. Some reasons for this may be that the tablet is never going to be released and that the iPad Mini line will be discontinued.

This is definitely bad news to avid fans of the iPad Mini, and the worse part is that this rumor seems to be backed by some credible sources. One such source is someone who’s close to Apple, who revealed to BGR that the Cupertino-based tech giant will be phasing out the iPad Mini since it has been “sized out of its own category” and has been experiencing low sales.

Renowned tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo contributes to this line of thought. He stated that iPads might see an increase in their average selling price due to “decreasing exposure to iPad mini”. This can be taken to mean that Apple is not planning any new models for the product line and that customer attention will shift to other Apple tablets.

Apple has also indirectly contributed to the rumors by pulling the iPad Mini 2 off the market and keeping only one variant of the iPad Mini 4 (the 128 GB configuration) on the shelves. People have interpreted this as a sign that Apple really has no plans to keep the iPad Mini line going.

It Might Be Announced in June

Apple has not actually confirmed that it’s discontinuing the iPad Mini line and that it will not release the fifth-gen version of this product. Because of this, there’s still a chance that the iPad Mini 5 will still find its way to the market.

If it does, tech experts are assuming that it will be announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be hosted by Apple and will take place on June 5 to 9. The Cupertino-based company is expected to reveal new hardware during the event, and the iPad Mini 5 might be one of them. (The upcoming iPad Pro 2 is another device that will reportedly be announced during WWDC, along with a new MacBook.)

If the iPad Mini 5 does become available, it’s expected to have similar specs with the fourth-generation model, along with some new features and performance improvements. There are rumors that it would be lighter and slimmer than its older siblings and that it would have a thickness of just 5 mm. If this does turn out to be true, it will surely delight consumers who want a powerful and ultra-portable tablet.

As of screen size, we expect the iPad Mini 5 to have a 7.9-inch screen, which is typical of the first four Mini models. There’s no reason for Apple to change this or to make the iPad Mini 5 bigger, considering that it already has products with larger screens.

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