The Real Reason Why Flash Player Is No Longer Working After Windows 10 Update

If you’re a longtime Internet user, then you know all too well what Adobe Flash Player is. And you also know that Flash has become more of a liability than anything else in recent years, which is exactly why the world’s tech giants have decided to avoid using it as much as they can. The first one to diplomatically dodge Flash was Apple. Back when former boss of all time Steve Jobs was still in the biz, he put out an open letter that made clear Apple’s no Flash policy. A lot of people criticized him for his decision back then, but he knew what he was doing.

A few years later, other companies such as Google started to slowly but surely avoid Flash and resorted to HTML5 instead. This all culminated in some pretty tragic news a few years ago: Adobe will phase out Flash and its coding language ActiveScript by the year 2020. So just three short years from now, we’ll say goodbye to Flash forever. The program will finally die out, and alongside it so will a huge part of Internet history. Let’s not forget that Flash used to be the main player in the browsing game for many years, so a lot of multimedia out there is still designed using Flash.

And now, the new Windows 10 update seems to render computers that run it unable to use Flash. This initially raised a few eyebrows, but it quickly became obvious: just like many other before it, Microsoft is slowly getting rid of Flash and making room for better things. And who can blame them? After all, Flash isn’t only buggy and awful, it’s also a major security threat for your personal data. So nobody wants anything to do with it anymore.

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