RAW: The epitome of GTA Role Playing Game

RAW is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) Sandbox that focuses on the realism and structure on Kickstarter. Among all the ambitious immersive open-world multiplayer games, RAW has the potential to stand out from the rest of its peers. For quite some time now, Killerwhale Games was garnering funding to roll out RAW.

The real-life everyday implication in RAW

RAW draws significant inspiration from the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto, Rust, and Arma Life. Additionally, RAW put forward massive focus on the real-world social aspects. For instance, a government mechanic can climb up to the ladder where the players have the opportunity of becoming mayors of the smaller towns. Moreover, the players can also climb up the ladder and become the leader of a region’s business system.

With RAW, players can hire other players, and they would also work in an interactive environment. So far, RAW has accumulated more than a million views on the Kickstarter trailer. And through crowdfunding, the firm has raised $100,000. It looks like RAW has created a soft spot for itself among the players. Nevertheless, people are also wondering if Killerwhale is making extreme promises which might not come into being once the game is released.

Players need to put gas in their vehicles and pay for parking in RAW

The online sources suggest that RAW is the first project, and it has already garnered a lot of attention in the gaming industry. In RAW, the players can construct the cities and tax the earnings of the players. According to the sources, RAW guarantees a realistic portrayal of the gameplay which would be extremely accurate.

GTA Role Playing Game

The players will have to pay the parking fees if they visit places in the game. Even the vehicles in RAW have to be refuelled regularly. Furthermore, the players have to build gas stations and car lots to earn their livelihood. The massive scope that RAW has in store for gamers is making a few players worried.

The developer is aware of the challenges that lie in front of them and RAW. The game would require a significant amount of time in the game, along with coding and effort.

The challenges that Killerwhale has faced so far

The major challenge, according to Killerwhale, has been to fire the programmers as well as the 3D-modelers. The central system of the game, as of now, is in the conventional text form. Killerwhale is yet to release an official video, images, and sneak-peek of the forthcoming game. Stay Tuned!

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