Rage 2: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay and News

Rage 2: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay and News

The matter is official now as the sequel to the post-apocalyptic shooter of id Software is finally coming. It is also the last game under the supervision of founder John Carmack and we are slated to get back to the wasteland and familiar with a more detailed release date than 2019. Strangely, not many people have been asking for it and the opinion about Rage was largely divided when it came out primarily due to a hackneyed story and an open world that is rather awkward.

However, the opinion has changed a bit like the end of the world suddenly looked much better, the courtesy for which goes to the id Tech 5 engine and its crazy mega textures. However, with the release of Rage 2, we can hope to see a more accomplished and refined version of id’s vision, which is more ambitious. However, Rage 2 is developed by Avalanche Studios and id the former being the guys behind Just Cause 3 and fittingly Mad Max.

Rage 2 Release date

Even though nobody was sure enough about reporting about the sequel to Rage that was in the making, as Rage was well-received as a first-person shooter game. As it is, it did not set the stage on fire or establish a revolutionary fan base for the franchise. The game appears to combine an open-world exploration of wasteland with plenty of action that we have generally seen from the id Software games. To top it is a terrific vision at the end of the world, including a whole lot of themed gangs battling over the remaining precious sources. In other words, we are going to get an official representation of the Mad Max game that we have been dreaming of for many years.

Hopefully, the above video of the trailer is going to clear your doubts.

And this video called “Everything and Me” focuses on the games of various enemies.

After seeing more of the game at E3 2018, there is more information about the release date, gameplay, story that has already started emerging. The gameplay of Rage 2 is about to give a blow to the original.

Rage 2 release date

According to the Steam store page, the release date of Rage is May 14, 2019; so, the wait is finally over to enjoy the post-apocalyptic havoc.

The trailer of Rage 2

Right from the Eden Assault gameplay trailer from Quakecon 2018 that shows the versatility and the features of Rage 2, along with the gunplay, to the convoy takedowns, we have plenty of trailers coming.  After a Walmart Canada leak and a series of Bethesda teases on Twitter, the live action Rage 2 trailer provides the first official existence and confirmation about the game. However, this trailer does not provide us anything more than a dark comic tone along with the insistence of warning and the aggressiveness that says that we should be prepared to die and it is charming indeed. Similarly, in the gameplay trailer of Rage 2, the dark humor still exists and in this, we may encounter a weird feeling that appears a lot like the combination of Fallout 4 and Borderlands along with massive mutants, bandits, and plenty of vehicular pedal-to-the-metal action.

In the Rage 2 E3 trailer above, we can hear a lot from our new protagonist also called Walker and the story of his origin. Clearly, he is shown as a man filled with the same anger that is required to turn bandits, mutants, and the evil authority into garish pink mush. In the new vehicular gameplay, we are going to come across Ranger trying to make his way into the outpost of the enemy to steal a rare artefact. Apart from this, we may also come across an ecopod falling from the sky, which is also recognized as the un-lockable special attacks of Walker. The impressive push mode also called Shatter is going to send the enemies flying.

Rage 2 Multiplayer

According to the new information that is revealed about Rage 2, it will feature multiplayer and dislodge the heavy social aspects. During an interview with Eurogamer, the director of id Software Studio, Tim Willits said that the game is not going to feature the usual multiplayer when you consider the social aspects. While he has not revealed everything about the multiplayer of Rage 2, he says that you are not only going be “running around together with your friends” as far as the game is concerned. It probably suggests a more classical approach to the deathmatch multiplayer mode or at least the option to play the mode. The director of the studio Willits also fails to reveal the working of the live service elements and the DLC but suggests that it is going to include a combination of free updates along with premium content. Leaving out hearts dissatisfied, he could not reveal as well whether Rage 2 is going to feature microtransactions or loot boxes.

Microtransactions in Rage 2

The director of id Software has already informed Gamestar that Rage 2 is not going to include the live service elements or the loot boxes. Actually, Willits may have joked about the classic approach of the game towards the revenue by stating that the players will have the ability to buy the game and enjoy playing with it. According to the confirmations that came from Bethesda, the game will not include the live service elements or the loot boxes, but there is no word on whether the game might feature the post-release DLC content, premium or free.

Rage 2 gameplay

Slated as the ‘shootreverse’ the gameplay of Rage 2 is supposedly going to be more than a shooter and is undoubtedly an open world game although the original game was not the open world game in the real sense; rather a series of coordinated hubs and open areas resembling the Mad-Max world through which free adventure is going to be a great addition to the series.

The vehicles are set to return in the game as they look funnier and rougher than ever before. The previous Rage game included about five types of vehicles and we are hoping to get more sets of wheels with which to drive at unbelievable speeds in the Rage 2 game. As we have seen in the Rage 2 QuakeCon trailer of 2018, the inclusion of more vehicles provides an opportunity to make life hellish for the enemy convoys. Hopefully, we will be able to customize the vehicles as well with the freedom to hold off on the neon pink.

Without any doubt, the gameplay of Rage 2 is going to be one of its strongest elements, but the weapons have been revved up even more than before. Also going to come back the sharp-edged boomerang, which is also called the Wingstick equipped with new tricks and techniques such as targeting the enemies around different corners. After this, the ability to overpower your destruction tools and push them beyond the normal limits or unlocking the complex abilities of your weapons are some of the other things you have got to watch. You can add another color and add new weapons due to the return of the crafting system.

The hero of Rage 2 can use nanotrites for resurrection, but in the latest edition, the fiction around this technology makes you more equipped with special abilities that come in the form of unlockable upgrades. For instance, the slam attack that causes damage in the radius effect, and a smash to push and move the enemies away you have the double jump and dash that allows you to sidestep the opponents.

Rage 2 Trailer

For turning the tide against the authority in Rage 2, you have to fight against several monsters and factions that are trying to control the wasteland. Unlike the spirit of Fallout: New Vegas, the factions in Rage 2 are not going to add another layer of roleplay, but exist simply to provide you with a background to another world according to the creative director of Avalanche Studios, Magnus Nedfors. Nedfors also goes on to say that you may have different ways for fighting the enemies such as the River Hogs, hyper-violent punk also called Goon Squad and the Immortal Shrouded along with a team of elite bandits compliant with the latest technology also known as cloaking.

Engine and graphics

Due to the id Tech 5 engine, Rage surprised the players with its offbeat visuals, so we can carry the hope that Rage 2 is going to be even more impressive. From what we have encountered so far, the hope has not gone far away. According to the news available, Rage 2 is going to be powered by the Apex engine, which enables the Avalanche to do more than the studio could have ever been able to do in the titles with the only exception of the irritable loading screens while roaming from one area to another. In addition to this, the mysterious game that came down from the sky allows the growth of new vegetation and the creation of biome when compared with the arid browns of the original Rage game.

News about Rage 2

The console release of Rage 2 has revealed a big divide when it comes to the performance between the enhanced and the standard machines. While the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X delivered the smooth 60 frames per second of the gameplay that is going to be delivered seamlessly with a hint of 30 fps vanilla hardware, there is a big surprise as well. Even the six-teraflop monster of Microsoft ran at a resolution of 1080p leaving it to the PC game to scale up to the displays at higher resolutions.

The first impressions are certainly promising and in common with Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, Bethesda has considered the brave move of shipping Rage 2 with the Vulkan API support with no DirectX fallback. As far as the settings are concerned, the game is generally comprehensive with numerous tweaks to adjust including the toggles for contentious post-processing effects like the motion blur and chromic aberration. The game can fully run in an unlocked stage with the frame rates beyond 60 fps and the ultrawide support of 21:9 also incorporated inside.

The support for dynamic resolution scaling can be very useful if things are working. Due to an increase in the internal resolution increases according to the screen movement. It does not scale according to the GPU support that suggests the broken features. Beyond this, the settings of Rage 2 are impressive and the scalability is largely limited. One of the biggest single performances that win beyond adjusting the resolution without compromising the visual support is to drop the ambient occlusion from ultra to high, thereby delivering a nine percent boost in the testing. Turning it down to medium enhances it to thirteen percent, but the quality appears to be bleak.

Rage 2 News

According to reports, Rage 2 is actually selling less than its predecessor at least in the UK, which keeps it away from the blockbuster success, which has surprised many as to why Rage 2 has been made at all. Further reports pouring in from the other sources suggest that Rage 2 is selling only a quarter of the physical copies of Rage even though the original game was launched in 2011 when the demand for the physical games was much higher. Estimating that more than half of the new game sales are now digital, it still leaves the sales of Rage 2 at half of its original version.

What’s the feeling?

The game Rage 2 has arrived over middling reviews at 73 for the PC version and 69 on Metacritic for the PS4 version and these scores depict the lowest among all the other Bethesda titles. Some of the common complaints are related to the combat and although some say that the fighting feels good, there is not much substance to the game or the story. Even though there is a large open world filled with different landmarks, the quests are fewer when compared to the rest in the gaming world.

The general trend shows that the sequels usually outsell the predecessors especially when the fan base of the original is huge. Can anyone make the claim that Rage had the kind of fan following that the combat FPS games usually have? No significant interest about the game has grown over the few years and it seems that most people who have bought Rage 2 may not have ever played the original Rage game at all. However, we are hoping that the numbers are going to increase and for now lets us wait for the future of the game to shape.



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