Radical Galaxy S10 Camera Leaks, Note 9 Release Date, Massive Nokia 5.1 Revealed: Android Circuit

With seven days of headlines and news aback of us, here is this week’s Android Circuit.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Even though Galaxy Note 9’s release was expected on 9th of August, SamMobiles says something else.”

„The Galaxy Note 9 may go up for sale on August 24… That would make the time between the Note 9’s announcement and release date smaller than it was last year for the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 8 was unveiled on August 23 and hit retail three weeks later on September 15th. According to the report, sluggish Galaxy S9 sales are the reason Samsung decided to go with August 24 instead of August 31 after some deliberation.”

Note 9 follows an iterative path regarding new technology so that Samsung will be spicing up the opportunities for buyers and introduce a number of new colors for the phablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and budget S10

Samsung might come back to being at the top of the smartphone stack thanks to Galaxy S10. One of its key features is going to be the inclusion of five camera lenses on the premium model, changes highlighted by Gordon Kelly:

„The Bell says both models will have triple rear cameras and while the Galaxy S10 will have just one front facing the camera, the Galaxy S10 Plus will have two. Such a move would once again drive Samsung to the forefront of smartphone camera innovation. Something it has arguably conceded to Huawei’s P20 Pro and Google’s image processing in recent years.”

Another report says that to release a budget Galaxy S10, Samsung will not mount the fingerprint sensor under the screen just like the more expensive models, but it will be in the power button. Everybody is wondering, why?

„The answer lies in a change of strategy. Samsung is expected to release three Galaxy S10 models, rather than the usual two with the third an ‘entry-level’ device. The problem at this stage is ‘entry-level’ is undefined: it may be a significantly cheaper option like Apple’s upcoming budget iPhone X or the standard model with the in-display reader saved for two new high-end options much as Apple did last year when releasing the iPhone X above the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.”

Nokia 5.1 Plus

HMD Global does not only update its Nokia-branded Android handsets for 2018 but it also expands the collection with a phablet-sized Nokia 5.1 Plus.

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