Qualcomm’s Latest Technology Enhances Wi-Fi Speed, Bluetooth Connectivity and VR/AR Performance

According to NDTV, Qualcomm is one of the biggest innovators in the tech industry. This company is always looking to take technology to the next level and this helped it become the best mobile processor manufacturer in the word. Furthermore, Qualcomm recently announced that it plans to improve a bunch of its products and services while adding new experiences to artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Qualcomm to Enhance Wi-FI

The most important thing about Qualcomm’s latest announcement is that it plans on unveiling the first integrated 802.11 ax-ready Wi-Fi chip solution. This chip solution is being dubbed as WCN3998 and it features 2×2 antennas alongside with support for WPA3 encryption.

Moreover, Qualcomm has already revealed a brand-new VR Reference Design that’s based on the Snapdragon 845 processor and the TrueWireless audio technology. This latest innovation will be available for customers starting Q4 of 2018.


The previously mentioned chip solution that has been branded as WCN3998 will become a future standard for tablets, notebooks and smartphones. What this new chip solution basically does is that it enhances the Wi-Fi speed of the devices that use it, but that’s not all. The chip solution will also reduce Wi-Fi power consumption and improve connectivity through the 11a Wave-2 support system.

Things get even better than this for people who love using their Wi-Fi connection because the new module will feature 8×8 sounding. The reason this matters is because it helps reduce power consumption by up to 67% in comparison with the previous-gen 802.11ac Wave-2 chip solutions.

Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity

Qualcomm also announced that WCN3998 will have Bluetooth connectivity that supports the v5.1 standard which has yet to be unveiled. The Bluetooth connectivity support will improve the audio support for wireless headsets and make it easier and faster for people to connect them.

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