Qualcomm to Announce its New Member of the Family at MWC 2018

It all happens at the MWC 2018

As a major aspect of their Mobile World Congress 2018 show toward the beginning of today, Qualcomm is presenting a brand new tier of the Snapdragon platform – SoCs. Named the Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series, the new tier in the Snapdragon SoC family is intended to hide any hole that is uncovered between the current 600 and 800 series, giving a considerable lot of features for at a lower price.

However, exactly how good it will connect the holes so that they won’t just be staying to be seen?  Qualcomm isn’t giving clues about particular processor designs, just simply talks about the presence of the new tier.

What has Qualcomm for us?

Right now, Qualcomm’s SoC stack is parted between few lines. The first one is the non-Snapdragon entry-level 200. The second one is the Snapdragon-marked 400, 600, and 800. With the next of the 700, Qualcomm is basically sub-separating the Snapdragon family, cutting out a sub-premium brand 800, but better than the current 600.

About the official statement

In their official statement, the organization is expressing that the objective of the new Snapdragon 700 platform is to offer the kind of premium feature found in the 800 SoCs, but in a less expensive way for the low priced gadgets. Qualcomm’s official statement particularly takes note of China advertise and behaves like a focal point, which for Qualcomm bodes well, given its thing with quick development and obtaining power equality

When it comes to the features, Qualcomm is talking about their AI suite, the Qualcomm AI Engine. However, the basic CPU/GPU/DSP segments are now part of the existing 600 SoCs and the same thing applies to the 800. Obviously, Qualcomm is hoping to build up a tier of SoCs that are slower, less expensive, but still in a way similar to the 800.

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