QLED vs. OLED – Advantages And Why Is One Better Than Another?

QLED vs. OLED – Advantages And Why Is One Better Than Another?

Even though there is only one letter difference between the two technologies, the way they deliver images are very different. It seems like that TV industry is doing this to get us confused. We are going to show you the bright parts of QLED and OLED and let you decide which one suits you best.

Pros and cons of OLED

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. The display has a carbon-based film placed between two conductors that pass the current through this making the film to create light. What is amazing about this type of display is that light is emitted on a pixel-by-pixel method, and because of that a black pixel can stand next to a bright with pixel and they are not going impact each other.

OLED also has the advantage that the viewing angles are very wide, the panels are lighter and thinner that an LCD and has quick response time.

One major disadvantage on OLEDs is that they cost a lot to be produced, this making the TVs that have this tech be very expensive. Another one is that the only producer of this technology is LG and they are selling the panels to Panasonic or Sony. Also OLED still struggles to improve their technology to reach the same brightness as the TVs that have a dedicated  backlight.

QLED advantages and disadvantages

The only TV manufacturer out there that is not using OLED is Samsung because it is promoting this one tech called QLED. QLED comes from Quantum-dot Light-Emitting Diode and, in fact, has a lot more in common with OLED. The only difference is that each pixel emits its own light thanks to tiny quantum dots which are semiconductor particles of only a few nanometres.

A big problem is that these quantum dots don’t emit their own light and instead the light comes from a backlight. Also given the fact that Samsung is the only producer of QLED, this allows them to sell them for a big price.



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