PUBG Mobile will Get Zombies Mode in February; Have you been waiting for it?

PUBG Mobile will Get Zombies Mode in February; Have you been waiting for it?

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games right now apart from its extensive fanbase on PC and Xbox One. The timed exclusive for the Xbox console ended and it is also available on the PlayStation 4 now. When the developers Tencent games associated themselves with Resident Evil 2 team to launch a zombie mode, it was evident that they were going to eventually bring it to all platforms.

As the name suggests, the Zombie mode which is expected to be rolled out to mobiles as part of 0.11.0 update will bring in zombies to kill. If you have already played similar mode in Call of Duty Black Ops series, this shouldn’t be much different. You can team up with your friends, create squads and kill waves of zombies one after the other but survival is not going to be easy.

Named as the PUBG Mobile Squad feature, you should not only kill zombies with your squad but also keep an eye out for other squads who might try to kill you. It is going to be a challenging mode unlike no other because even the AAA title Call of Duty Black Ops doesn’t pit you against multiple teams and zombies at the same time.

PUBG Mobile

Zombies Mode and PUBG Reports

The information was confirmed by Mr Ghost Gaming, a popular Youtuber who confirmed that Zombies Mode will be available on PUBG Mobile from Feb 10th onwards as part of the 0.11.0 update. It is being done in association with Capcom and Resident Evil 2, the newly launched game.

Apart from this update, the developers have also rolled out a new update for PUBG app which lets you know every time you kill a Twitch streamer. After all, they have a huge fan base and hundreds of people watch them live every day. When you kill someone who is so popular, it can be added as an achievement to your PUBG report.

The report works only for 14 days and it not only shows when you kill a streamer but also keeps track when you are killed by a streamer. The app only works on the PC version of the game and it makes use of an API to track all these including your performance and keep track of how good you are at killing or getting killed by a Twitch streamer. It may or may not launch for PS4 or Xbox One edition as it involves some coding to be done in order to keep track of such minute details among players in every game.



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