PS4 Jailbreak On Its Way – Mixed Feelings About Success and Safety

There is great news ahead for PlayStation 4 enthusiasts out there. It would seem that one of PS’s sons is attempting and might have already succeeded in creating a jailbreak for the PlayStation 4. The well known PS developer that goes by the name of qwertyoruiop might have found a way to jailbreak Sony’s console and the news has created quite a stir in the PS community. Many are interested in seeing how this develops and also to try out this new potential way of jailbreaking the console.

The news broke out after a conversation on Twitter made its way into the mainstream PS community forums. In this conversation that qwertyoruiop is having with multiple other people, they are discussing the functionalities of a jailbroken PS4. To dial it back even further, the whole conversation started after the user Gabe K posted a picture that was showing off an Xbox 360 Launch Team ’05 unit. In response, qwertyoruiop posted a picture as well in which multiple PS4 consoles were shown. Once was the 4.55 Stock model, once was a 4.06 jailbroken model and the third was a 4.55 Jailbroken unit.

What came next was a series of inquiries from other users in which they discussed the various aspects that were involved with hacking the console. It would seem that, according to the developer, the trickiest part as of right now is to decide which model would be best welcomed by the category of users within the community they refer to as “Jailbreak beggars”.

Over on Reddit, users were debating the legal aspect of the process of jailbreaking a console and whether or not qwertyoruiop would have to fear any legal retribution from Sony’s legal team. There were varied responses to this as some thought the developer could get in some serious trouble or at the very least have Sony’s lawyers give them a really good scare since they could dump a ton of intimidating legal paperwork on the case. Others were not so scared and said that Sony would hav no legal course in this matter and that the matter had already been handled once before in the case of the 1.76 Jailbreak. That jailbreaking initiative didn’t end with any legal repercussions which led people to now believe that the same would be the case for a new PS4 Jailbreak.

No definitive action has been taken yet however and it remains to be seen whether or not this new Jailbreak solution will arrive and function well, and if there will be any repercussions for its release.

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