Promotional Demos of Google Pixel 4 Leaked Showing Gesture Control Feature

Promotional Demos of Google Pixel 4 Leaked Showing Gesture Control Feature

A fresh set of leaks ahead of the launch of Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have been made public. They are a couple of videos, which the company would be using for demonstrating key and special features. These videos may appear in various media as part of the company’s marketing campaign. Noted tweeter Evan Blass leaked them.

The 3D Face Unlock Feature Demonstrated

The first promotional video features two users, one male, and one female, looking at Google Pixel 4, allowing a 3D sensor to scan their faces and analyze them before unlocking the device. Google has added this face unlock feature for the first time in its mobile phones and would want to see it being appreciated by users. The hardware components that will combine to make this aspect work on Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL are a flood illuminator, an IR camera, and a dot projector. Google hopes to offer a very secure face unlocking.

Google pixel 4 XL Launch

Project Soli Sensor Also on Video

The other marketing video has a user gesturing with hands to change the music track being played. This is one of several functions of the new chip sensor that Google has included in Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Project Soli is something the company has been working on for over four years. It has reportedly made some improvisations to make the feature work better on smartphones. If it is put to good use on these devices, that would be a tribute to the research put in by their team. Some functions you can operate on them using hand gestures include silencing the phone’s ring, controlling media, increasing/decreasing the volume and changing tracks. The only issue problem is not every buyer will be able to use hand signs due to governmental regulations because of a radar chip in them.

Google pixel 4 Motion sensor

All these leaks have created a certain amount of excitement among the user community and many can’t wait until Tuesday for the release of the phones. A lot of details have been revealed about these two smartphones over the past few months. Possibly the pricing is one area, there are no guesses.



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