Project Scorpio vs. Xbox One – Best Graphical Improvements Comparison

Recently, the specifications of the new Project Scorpio system have been revealed, boasting the capability to playing games in 4K resolution. This would be a major upgrade when you compare Project Scorpio to the current Xbox One systems. Apparently, images have been obtained by Windows Central that detail the major difference between Project Scorpio and Xbox One.

Apparently, the comparison has been made using the image of a beetle, a yellow ladybug to be more precise. The image is split in half, the left part having been rendered using the current Xbox One capabilities in 4k resolution. The right part of the photo is using the Project Scorpio capabilities to vastly improve the overall quality of the ladybug. It is quite interesting to see how the extra power that Project Scorpio’s GPU output helps improve the aesthetics of the image.

On top of this, the website also features several pictures of what Scorpio can achieve using the same internal assets, but with different selected resolutions. The entire gallery can be viewed on Windows Central.

Although the system was not tested in fully-fledged games, and they were just simple tech demos, it does show however a vast improvement over its predecessors and this only makes potential users more excited to the prospect of trying it out in games. Microsoft has seen fit to show these pictures of the tech demo to their business partners during one of their private events.

What other information is known about the Scorpio is that its new development kit has recently appeared in the spotlight. Other than that, Phil Spencer has revealed that the reason they are revealing it for one year later than the PS4 Pro is because they are aiming for a 2017 hardware system.

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