Progressive Web Apps: Their Importance For Microsoft and Microsoft Store

What is actually a Progressive Web App and why it has grown in the last year, since many browsers started to support them?

The latest news related to PWAs and Microsoft come with their latest plans for Windows 10 Redstone 4, Microsoft Edge, and for the Microsoft Store.

But our main focus today is what PWAs mean for Windows 10.

But in today’s video, I want to answer some specific questions about PWAs, Microsoft, and what it means for Windows 10.

First of all, many important brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Google will support PWAs in their browsers and companies are adapting their websites for PWA status. Here are some huge names: Starbucks (U.S.), Tinder, Google Maps, Uber, Lyft, Instagram, and Pinterest.

There are also more websites like the next ones that have launched websites that are enabled for PWA: Alibaba, The Weather Channel, The Financial Times,, GitHub Explorer, Flipkart, Offline Wikipedia, Forbes and more.

Microsoft has even enabled PWA for and the number of PWA-enabled websites keeps growing.

According to Google, PWAs are great for handheld devices, as they can get access to cameras, GPS, motion sensors, notifications, and any kind of authentication, they’re limitless compared to old versions. Combine them with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform – UWP, and they get more abilities, becoming native-like.

How to Try PWAs

If you have and Android phone that has 7.1.1 or higher OS and Chrome or Edge browser, you can try visiting the websites of the brands we mentioned before.

Discovering PWAs

Microsoft technique is great: they add PWAs to the Microsoft Store, so user won’t have to discover them on their own. This is what a blog post on Microsoft Edge Developer said about listing PWAs in the Microsoft Store:

‘Progressive Web Apps installed via the Microsoft Store will be packaged as an appx in Windows 10 – running in their own sandboxed container, without the visual or resource overhead of the browser.’

So, all the PWAs installed in the store will appear like apps and they can get enhanced by allowing them access to the calendar, contacts and more.

Microsoft will add PWAs in two steps: the best PWAs will be manually added to the Store, and then the second step will be using the Bing crawler for an automatic addition.

Remember how Microsoft mobiles lacked important apps? Well, the PWA might be a solution to improve things.

A very important thing about PWA model is that it is cheap and easy to maintain and it supports all types of platforms, without the need to independently code them. Not only will you access important websites, but you’ll also get the same interface and efficiency from the websites that your local dinner, cars shop or florist has, since they’re affordable to create and maintain.

This year, Google and Microsoft will have a lot of news on PWAs, and with Redstone 4 coming out this spring, we’re going to see a lot of apps in the Store.

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