Possible iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak to Arrive

Possible iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak to Arrive

Have you been expecting the iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak? Then there might be something to hope for, namely a solution in this field.

A New Patch

We already know that Apple releases security patches together with every new iOS release. As such, they take care of plenty of security vulnerabilities. This means that individuals are not able anymore to exploit the vulnerabilities and run any malicious code. One example of such a release is iOS 10.3.3, which centers simply on patching security fixes and fixing bugs.

For instance, one vulnerability that people could take advantage of was the libxpc one. This lets people run arbitrary code that gained them complete system privileges.

A Dangerous Vulnerability

The libxpc gateway was discovered by Ian Beer from Google’s Project Zero. It can be adapted in such a way so as to make a working jailbreak. As such, if you want to get to enjoy the jailbreak, you should hurry and downgrade to iOS 10.3.2 while you still can.

Why hurry? Because once Apple will stop supporting the iOS 10.3.2 version, you can’t go back to another version at all. There are plenty of guides available online that show you how to downgrade. Moreover, many people are rushing to do that in order to use the jailbreak, since it’s obvious that you can do it.

Can Anybody Benefit It?

What’s unclear at this point is whether the iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak will be available for any regular user. Currently, there can be a jailbreak as an adapter for a solution made by developers. Even so, people are still hoping they can get the version.

This might even be the last Apple jailbreak ever. Many experts have shown that it’s a dying industry, with less and less people interested in modifying their iOS versions.



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