Possible Fixes for PS4 Controller Not Charging

The PS4 is one of the best consoles as it offers a fantastic gaming experience. But, if something isn’t working right, the whole experience will be ruined in seconds. One of the problems our readers were complaining about is related to the controller that won’t charge. Before you run to the store in which you purchased your console, there are several simple things you can try. Keep on reading as we are going to share a few possible fixes for PS4 controller not charging issue.

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Fixes for PS4 controller not charging issue

We are going to list a few things you can try that helped many of our readers. If nothing works and your device is still under the warranty, make sure to go to the store in which you purchased it and ask for a replacement of the faulty controller.

Solution No.1:

If you have been using the controller for long period of time, then consider replacing the batteries as rechargeable batteries lose their charges with time and die. This will not have any affect on the warranty, so feel free to try it out.

Solution No.2:

Try to reset the PS4 controller. On the back of the controller, there is a small indent located next to the right screw. Take a toothpick and press that indent down for a few seconds. Then plug in the charger and see if it helps.

PS4 controller not charging

Solution No.3:

There is a chance that the charging port is faulty if it is not charging when connected to the gaming system. Sometimes the charging port gets damaged because of constantly plugging the charger in and out because of stresses.

Solution No.4:

To make sure that the charging cable is not broken, connect the cable to a different controller and see if it is charging or not. If some of your friends own the same type of charging cable, borrow it to see if it works.

Solution No.5:

Make sure that your PS4 controller is not sitting on any hot surface because it could be the reason behind the not charging issue. The sensor is the separate component attached by the wire, called the Bluetooth receiver, directly under the cover. So, make sure that when charging it, your controller is placed on a surface which isn’t hot.

Solution No.6:

One of our readers said that putting the controller into the freezer for half an hour can fix the issue. This tricked was helpful as the controller started to charge normally after this. It may be because of the faulty temp sensor. Do this at your own risk.

Solution No.7:

Another reader reported the controller started to charge normally once it was placed upside down. Thought from the personal experience, no matter how strange the solution sounds, try it out as it may be the one that will work for you. Plug your PS4 remote, turn it upside down and simply let it sit. Some other readers said this trick helped them too, and once they placed the controller this way it started to charge. Moreover, for many, this was the only way they could charge it.



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