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Polaroid I-1 Is A Camera For A New Generation Of Users

Although decades have passed since a Polaroid camera was a fashionable creation, with the help of the I-1 camera, this could all change.

In the past, there were many reasons why you could invest money in a Polaroid camera. The most attractive feature was that the photographs could be printed immediately after being captured. Clearly, the quality was not always spectacular, but this detail does not matter.

The fascination for the Polaroid instant cameras still exists today and the team behind “The Impossible Project” aims to bring it back through the I-1 Camera. As you can see from the image below, the new camera has much in common with the classic Polaroid camera, including design features, but also includes advanced features such as the ability to interact with a smartphone.


Available for purchase starting on May 10, the I-1 camera from The Impossible Project is fascinating through its simple design and the fact that it manages to remain compatible with type 600 Polaroid classic films if you have some at home. The most interesting part of the equation is Bluetooth connectivity. Through Bluetooth connectivity via a smartphone app, you can trigger to capture the image, you can adjust shutter speed, aperture, flash and more. Even charging the battery from the camera is no longer a source of stress because you can charge it via a microUSB, like any other modern smartphone.

If you worry about the availability of compatible films with the I-1 camera, this is not a problem. Type 600 films from The Impossible Project are relatively easy to buy and can be ordered online. The only problem with this gadget, if we can call it that, is that it keeps the price of $300. Considering that you can find old Polaroid cameras to a quarter of that price, you just keep to decide how useful are the connectivity elements.

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