Pokémon Sword and Shield: Everything We Know

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Everything We Know

Nintendo has announced the next generation of the Pokémon games, which is finally coming to Nintendo Switch and is titled, Pokémon Sword and Shield.  With the help of the preferred methods of announcing new games of Nintendo, Direct Presentations, the Pokémon Company has come up with a new and brief trailer that provides a new way of looking into the Pokémon games. With the release date of the game set in 2019, we can expect that there are only a few months to go we can get our eyes fixed on the Switch consoles.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release date

The release of 2018, Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee games seemed to be more of a reboot of the original Red and Blue titles for the Nintendo Gameboy. For many gamers, it was not similar to the core experience of Pokémon. Keeping that in mind, the Pokémon Sword and Shield are the first of the mainline games coming to Nintendo Switch and quite naturally, the expectations are going to be on the higher side. To be precise, it is the eighth generation of the Pokémon games, which is likely to be released in late 2019 and can be played on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Sword and Shield release date

The eagerness of Pokémon Sword and Shield is going to end soon as Pokémon Direct has confirmed release date in late 2019. At least this is what we had heard from the official Twitter account of Pokémon last year. If you follow the usual release of the company, we can expect to see Sword and Shield coming in mid-November, which aligns with the holiday season.

Expectations of the gamers

Pokémon has already become one with the Pokémon Go mobile game, which is an all-time hit and the Detective Pikachu movie that came out in May. However, the fans are already looking forward to the next big game to be released this year or the Pokémon Sword and Shield. There are plenty of things in the game that can excite people such as the group of Pokémon monsters in an updated form also called Gen 8. It is going to be a new-generation Pokémon game specially developed for Nintendo Switch.

The second big thing is that you do not have to wait too long as Nintendo says that it is going to be out before the end of this year. It may also mean that we can get some exciting information at the annual E3 show, which is the largest gaming convention to take place in Los Angeles from June 11 to 13. The company Nintendo announces the big games in this show if the convention is to be followed. As we saw last year, the company was focused on Super Smash Bros. But it also announced some of the other big games such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Super Mario Party. We are not yet sure whether the company would unveil Sword and Shield in E3 and if it does, we have something genuinely interesting coming our way.

More than Let’s Go

Sword and Shield are not the first of the Pokémon games developed specifically for Switch as it follows Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Let’s Go: Eevee that are the reimagined versions of the well-known Pokémon Yellow of 1988. Although the Let’s Go series was exciting, they were far removed from the usual Pokémon games of the series. For instance, there were no sudden encounters with Pokémon moving in front of you hurriedly. Instead, it stayed and hid behind the tall grass. Moreover, you could not train Pokémon battle wild Pokémon and you could only get into a combat with the Pokémon of others. You could gain more experience in Pokemon Go.

However, Pokémon Sword and Shield sticks to the old playing style. The trailer shows the fearless Pokémon trainer engaging in sudden encounters with a Pikachu depicting a no-Go style catching. It means that the experience is going to be harder when compared with the Let’s Go games. Although the previous version was a delightful experience for the gamers, there was almost no challenge to the PokeMasters. However, one of the remarkable features of the Let’s Go games is absent in the Sword and Shield trailer of rideable Pokémon, which replaced the flight skills and the bikes.

Pokémon Sword and Shield trailers

Although the trailers do not reveal much about the game, you will come across the first glance of the environment and the art style as depicted in the video without any footage of the game.

You will come across the first look at the three new starter Pokémon: the twig-monkey Grookey, fire-rabbit Scorbunny, and the sad-looking tadpole also called Sobble.

Switch news and rumors

The E3 2019 is approaching faster and Nintendo has already confirmed the date and time of streaming Nintendo Direct. The video is going to go live on June 11 at 5 pm BST, at 9 am PT, and 12 pm ET. The company has also promised that it is going to bring back the Treehouse live streams that are going to go live during each day of the show, and will showcase the gameplay for the upcoming releases.

However, Nintendo has not yet released no fixed schedule for Direct or Treehouse Streams. There is no guarantee of what we are going to encounter, but we may hope that Pokémon Sword and Shield is going to appear from behind the tall grass at one point of time.

Handheld mode

The Pokémon Let’s Go series of games were developed in the TV mode, but the President of Nintendo, Suntaro Furukawa, has declared that Pokémon Sword and Shield is going to emphasize the fun and excitement of playing the Nintendo games in the handheld mode.

Gym Masters

In We Got This Covered, a tweet by Nintendo America suggests that Pokémon Sword and Shield is going to witness Gym Masters instead of Gym Leaders. The tweet was followed by images that show the in-game soccer stadiums that suggest they will serve as gyms.

Pokémon Sword

Galar is the region

Sword and Shield is going to take place in the new area, which is also known as Galar. According to the official Nintendo art, Galar looks massive, and the trailer gives us an insight into how beautiful the sights are going to be in this region. However, from what we have seen in the trailers, it seems that the region is loosely based in the UK. The seven Pokémon regions in the previous games were also based on the actual areas and cities. While Kanto, Sinnohh, Hoenn, and Johto from Gen 1 -4 regions come from various parts of Japan, the team of Pokémon has also explored the international regions for the new games. For instance, Unova in Pokémon Black and White has the vibe of New York City, and Kalos in Pokémon X and Y was based in Alola and France. Similarly, Pokémon Sun and Moon revealed the beach city of Hawaii.

According to the launch trailer, the scenes depicted in the game were clearly British with the fields reminding the gamers about the countryside of England and the buildings resembling the English manors. Along with this, the northernmost city in the UK region has clocktower, a Thames-like river bisecting, and a Ferris wheel. For now, we can assume that the housing market in the city is unaffordable.

New beginning

Even though Pokémon has undergone a lot of changes in the Red and Blue of 1996, there is one component that is yet to change as you can still choose between grass, fire, or water type starter Pokémon. In Sword and Shield, you will come across Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny. The profiles of each have already been shown in the trailer.

Pokémon Sword And Shield 2019

While Scorbunny is a white rabbit with red-tipped ears and feet and is a bipedal rabbit, it has the power of fire within itself and can evolve into a fighting type similar to Gen 3’s Blaziken. Sobble, on the other hand, is the water-type Pokémon with the ability to hide itself and the little guy looks absolutely confident, but when it comes to the universe of Pokémon, it could mean a severe evolution. Finally, you have the grass-type Pokémon, which is lame. Grookey, the green monkey scares Sobble, by beating his stick against a rock similar to a pesky monkey warrior beating a war drum. Even though we have come across different Pokémons from the previous games, these three characters are Gen8 creatures we see for the first time.

Other Experiences

You will enjoy the Gameboy experience while playing these games on the TV, but they are far more adapted to cater to the handheld Switch experience according to the President of Nintendo.

Twin training

According to the trailer of Sword and Shield, it reveals several glances of trains, which probably showcases the aesthetic appeal of Britain, the place where the railway was invented. However, a few of the fans speculate that the trains may provide a fast mode of transport or a post-game link to another region.

Legendary stuff

Another instance or reference to Britain comes in the form of the geoglyph shows in many pictures, and while it may mean a lot of things, it might not mean anything at all, or it may have something to do with the legendary Sword and Shield.

Fans obsessed with the characters

After the announcement of the games, fans took to the internet to express their emotions. Sobble, the sad name has already become a favorite among the fans, and people have started saying that the later evolution’s of this character are going to be more tearful. Similarly, the energy of Scorbunny has also captivated the hearts of its fans. Grookey is still a mysterious character, and the fans are still wondering how his evolution is going to be, on the route of Nintendo.

As we have already discussed, Pokémon Sword and Shield goes to the basics and in the trailer shown, you will come across the player peeping through tall grass, it is far away from the wild Pokémon that they have come to know so far. Customization of the trainers came from Pokémon X and Y that allowed the players to change the color of their hair and skin, and the color of the eyes. You can expect the same feature to be present in Sword and Shield, but from what we have seen about the trainers in the trailer, there seems to be a bit of confusion. From the red sweater and jeans along with the woolen beanie of the male trainer and the pink dress with a grey sweater of the female trainer, it seems that the characters may be Scottish.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Female Trainer

New graphics

Back in the past, Pokémon was nothing more than a collection of pixels. However, the graphics of Sword and Shield have evolved dramatically, and the look is immersive due to the technology introduced by Switch. The fans have already had a look into the amazing graphics of the Galar region.

Set to return

Pikachu is going to appear in the Galar region, and there are some 800 Pokémon set to make their journey into the UK region. We have come across the much loved Minccino from Gen 5 battling the wild Pikachu, the two-headed Zweilous, the dark and dragon type Pokémon. Similarly, Hoothoot and Tyranitar from Gen 2 can also be seen along with Flygon and Wailmer of Gen 3. With the release of more and more trailers, we can expect more characters from the previous series to be included in the game.

Finally, Pokémon Sword and Shield has retained the look of 3D animation style, but for better or worse this is what we may be getting in the game. We cannot go much beyond what we have seen in the trailers of the game and follow our instincts from what we have seen in the past games but wait for E3 of June 2019 to get more information.



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