Pokemon Go: Challenge the Gengar with All Your Might, Special Raid Day Today

Pokemon Go: Your weekend is going to be an extension of the fun you had with Halloween as the one-day Pokemon Go Gengar Special Raid Challenge is about to go live today between 11 am and 2 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Pokemon fans across Europe and Asia would have already finished the challenge by the time it gets to you here in the US.

Niantic, the developer of this themed raid has chosen the Tier 4 raid for the November 3 event and the main character Pokemon Go Gengar will know a couple of moves, Lick Ghost and Psychic. Some lucky players may be able to find the Shiny Gengar too, but it is not guaranteed.

What You Should Know Before Taking the Challenge

As you may be aware, the combat power and the weather conditions have a lot to do with the strategy to counter the raids. Since Niantic has decided to push the challenge to a higher Tier 4 the Tier 3, it could be a tough challenge for the trainers. One advantage you get is the issue of 5 Free Raid Passes. That’s a nice bonus and must be good news.

Pokemon Go

The important thing to remember would be that Gengar is a Ghost-type Pokemon and based on the gameplay features, it comes through as solid against certain types of Pokemon and not so strong against others. The ones that cannot easily take on and overcome Gengar are Fairy, Normal, Fighting and Bug and so on. The ones endowed with the strength to beat Gengar with its special moves even are Ghost, Rock and Dark. The Psychic-type Pokemon is capable of taking on Gengar too.

On the weather front, a cloudy or foggy weather helps with your winning the challenge. As mentioned, lucky trainers are going to get the Shiny Gengar as a bonus. But it is easier said than done because the difference in appearance and color is quite marginal for the naked eye to detect.

Try and Be Prepared for the Challenge

If you have decided to take on the Pokemon Go Gengar Special Raid Challenge that goes live in a few hours from now, you should do some homework and be ready for it. Study the different guides on how to take on the Gengar. Only brief indications have been given here. You could even get hold of dedicated infographics that show you the basic details. Good to carry it and share if you are going out for the challenge with other trainers.

If you have taken the challenge before and know your way around, then it helps. If not, you can still make it a great Saturday full of fun chasing the Pokemon Go Gengar and boast to your friends how you enjoyed it.

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