PlayStation 5: Sony’s First Party Developers are Already Working on PS5 Exclusives

The lifetime of the PlayStation 4 console is over and Sony has allegedly confirmed it if rumors are to be believed. The entire team has now moved their focus onto the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. The first party developers including Naughty Dog among others are being given PS5 developer kits and requested to start focusing on first party titles.

Sony’s PS5 console will have its bread and butter with first-party titles as the PS4 console had. After all, it was the primary and possibly the only reason that helped the company sell at least 35 million units more than Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Sony understood the fact that their strengths lie in creating first party exclusives like God of War, Uncharted 4 and the newly launched Spiderman.

All these games paved way for massive success in this console generation. PS4 also created a larger space by launching the PSVR, the virtual reality headset which Microsoft has no plans to focus on in the near future. The competitor is taking a completely different route where they plan to merge Xbox with Windows PCs so that they all fall under the Microsoft family with cross-platform and cross buy features.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is All Ready for Reveal

Going by the instructions Sony provided to their first party developers, it looks like the launch of PS5 console is imminent. Inside sources claim that the console is scheduled for announcement at E3 2020 in the month of March-April. It will hit stores towards the end of the year and it is very much a possibility because PS4 Pro is there to cover the gap for another year or so comfortably.

The PlayStation 4 console is still going strong despite the fact that it is ageing with every passing month and newer games like the Last of Us 2 may not have the visual fidelity that gamers might witness on the PS4 Pro console. Gamers do have the option to go for cheaper console or a more powerful one but there is no word on whether games made for the PS5 would run on the PS4 Pro as it is more than capable of handling it with the minor graphical downgrade.

PS5 Dev Kits are Handed Out

PlayStation 5 dev kits have already received positive feedback and more information is set to be revealed during GDC 2019. Apart from first-party publishers, Bethesda, Square Enix and Activision are also working on developing their multi-platform games for the PS5 console.

Rumors also claim that Microsoft is going to go all out at E3 2019 because Sony has confirmed that it will not take part in the event or have an event to reveal more titles. It might be Microsoft’s decision to launch two different Xbox consoles at E3 to get a year’s head start against Sony’s PS5 console expected to get launched in 2020.

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