PlayStation 5: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and News

PlayStation 5

Almost half a decade has passed since the introduction of PlayStation 4, and no new hardware has come since then. However, the CEO of the company has confirmed that new hardware is in the making and the fans could not be more elated to hear the news. The PlayStation 4 is still one of the largest selling gaming consoles in the market, and it seems that this console is going to attract fans until the end of its lifespan. Being the best-selling gaming device in the market, Sony wants the fans to make the most of this console until the release of the next version of this gaming device.

Release date of PlayStation 5

Sony, the developers of this device, have not confirmed anything definite about the release date of PS5, but the dates are going to come out later during this year or after a few months. According to John Kodera, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, he provided a hint while speaking to the reporters in May 2018 that the company will probably take another three years before the next big leap and reason for the makers of the game to stay quiet for now. Kodera said this shortly after confirming that the PS4 is entering into the final stage of its life cycle. It is true that Sony is thinking about its next big release after PlayStation 4, and if the information of Kodera is to be believed, we can expect the release date to be somewhere around 2021. However, the industry analysts believe that the release date might be announced much earlier. According to Michael Patcher, an industry analyst, the launch of the console can be expected around 2020, and this could be the reason that the release of other games by the company has stayed slim during the E3 event of 2018. Overall, there is no constructive evidence about the release date of the gaming device, so the gamers may still be left waiting until the confirmation comes from the company.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Power of the new console

While the new gaming device is still to come out, it is hard to speculate how PlayStation 5 will function from the point of view of the hardware. As it happens with the release of the consoles, the makers try to balance the performance and the cost. The reasons for the raging success of PS4 has been the performance it has delivered on the third-party titles. Certainly, the company will restructure the previous gaming console and offer something that matches the standard of the market. The gamers may get a less powerful device offering better value to the customers. However, to compete in the world of gaming, the company has to offer some mind-boggling specifications in the new gaming console.

Specifications of PlayStation 5

As of now, people are sceptical as to what features and specifications they can expect in the new gaming console. The chances are that PlayStation 5 could use an AMD Ryzen processor. According to a note written by Simon Pilgirm, the principal programmer of Sony Advanced Technology Group, that he has been working to improve the compatibility between the “Zen” core architecture and AMD Ryzen processor within the LLVM compiler stack. While all that may sound meaningless apparently, the compiler stack is one of the significant components of the development environment in the systems of PlayStation. Charlie Demerijan of Semi-accurate is known to possess the details about the devkits of PS5 that are already circulating. According to him, the new gaming console is likely to feature an 8-Core Zen CPU and a GPU which is based on the upcoming Navi architecture, both of which are customised of course.

The arrival of Navi can be expected in late 2018 or early 2019, but no details have poured in yet. Demerijan is known to leak accurate specifications of the gaming consoles for many years, so his rumours may be worth considering for now.

PlayStation 5 Specifications

According to another report coming in from the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, based in Taiwan, the company is on the way to produce a new chip. When the development kits have reached the developers, the hardware production may be revving up already.

With the size of the popular games increasing every day, the amount of storage space in the base version of PS5 is likely to be bigger with a new VR headset.

Another area in which the developers may try to improve is with the Blu-ray playback as the 4K Blue-ray player was surprisingly not a part of the PS4 Pro, the company will try to avoid this mistake with the emergence of PlayStation 5. Even though the streaming videos are going to occupy the mind of the gamers in future, a lot of them still prefer the physical discs and the company must know how to meet these challenges and handle the pressure when the console is to going to make its appearance in the stores.

Price of PlayStation 5

No one is sure about the specifications of the gaming console yet, so we do not know what the PlayStation 5 is going to cost. With Xbox One X priced at 450 GBP, Sony might go for a similar thing if it is willing to stay competitive with the next gaming console.

What to expect with backward compatibility

During the launch of PS4 Pro, Mark Cerny, the system architect of Sony clarified that the console was not a part of the new generation gaming devices. The company made a lot of attempts to ensure that PS4 made a reasonable improvement over the base console and it is mostly believed that PS4 Pro was a mid-cycle refresh. As far as the backward compatibility of PS4 is concerned, Sony made a mistake while Microsoft made the most of the opportunity to offer extensive backward compatibility through constant upgrades. Genuinely speaking, PS5 must offer excellent backward compatibility so that all the games played in PS4 run on it smoothly.

PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility

Enhanced VR support

The reports of Demerijan also suggest that PlayStation 5 is going to be created a ground-up keeping in mind the help of virtual reality. Although the VR systems have had a good start as predicted by the analysts, the headset from Sony is yet to encounter competition so far, and certainly offers the best value and with its highly accessible VR systems. The developers have tried to rev up the specifications in PS4 with better PSVR support, and it is going to open up endless possibilities for them.

PlayStation 5 VR support

Games to expect in PS5

Sony is yet to make official announcements about the release of PS5, so it is hard to determine whether they have any devkits as of now. Several interpretations have come about the game and its specifications, but it is hard to believe whether the hints about the game will stand out or not.

CD Projekt Red, the developer of The Witcher 3 is into working rigorously with their new epic Cyberpunk 2077, and the presentation that came from the studio heads during a conference at Bergen revealed that the game would bring about visuals that are true to life and also include the latest technology. Although this can hint to a lot of other aspects, one may interpret that the game is being developed for the present generation consoles and the upcoming devices as well from which PS5 is maybe one.

Similarly, Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo told during a studio tour that the new cars in the making take so long because they are being developed for the future version of the present-day consoles, and also mentioned that it would not be a problem to run the cars at 8K, which is a definite hint of the console in which the game is likely to be played.

PlayStation 5 Expected game

The very own Death Stranding which was initially planned for a PS4 release can be expected in PS5. Given the fact that the game does not have a release window yet, it is going to be another reason or Sony to release PS5 as early as possible. Bethesda Softworks is one of those gaming companies optimistic about the release of its upcoming games designed to plan on the new gaming devices. The company plans to release Starfield at first and follow it up with The Elder Scrolls VI during the announcement it made during E3 2018; the latter is undoubtedly going to release on PlayStation 5.

The final statement

With the possibility of the gaming streaming devices replacing the conventional gaming consoles according to the CEO of Ubisoft, the gamers may witness another generation of consoles before the industry moves into the streaming models for the games. If you are an avid gamer, there is more to expect when you guess what Sony is going to present with the next generation gaming console. With the performance of PS4, which is still doing pretty well in the gaming industry, you can expect the return of some of the games you have always wanted to play. The accessibility of technology may mean a lot for the gamers, and as the war continues between Sony and Microsoft, people are still wondering when PS5 will see the light of the world.

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